Lauren Burnham Flashes Her Impressive Abs In Throwback Photo On Instagram

Lauren Saccone

At 23 weeks pregnant, The Bachelor star Lauren Burnham is seriously missing her bikini body, sharing her feelings with fans in a throwback Instagram post that left little to the imagination. The wife of Arie Luyendyk is pregnant with the couple's first child, and shared the sultry snap with her 795,000 Instagram followers -- who were quick to share their admiration for the reality star's enviable figure.

In the image, Burnham is walking alongside a swimming pool, laughing as she goes. Her long blonde hair falls in thick, luxurious waves around her face and down her shoulders. She's barefoot, and the only accessory she has on is a slim gold chain around her neck.

The reality show star put her gym-honed body on display in the shot, flaunting her long toned legs and muscled abs in a skimpy blue bikini -- one that showed off plenty of cleavage. Although the date of the image is not clear, it was obviously before Burnham became pregnant -- and from the caption, it's clear she's missing her long-lost abs.

While she may be bemoaning the loss of her beach body, Burnham is more than thrilled to be welcoming a child alongside her husband. It will be the first child for the couple, who met on the hit show The Bachelor. The mom-to-be has even set up a special Instagram account in preparation for her bundle of joy. And even though there's still a few months to go before the baby is born, that account already gotten over 194,000 followers -- and that count will only rise as the due date draws closer.

The couple announced their pregnancy back in November of 2018, and although they were originally told they were expecting a bouncing baby boy, they later learned that Burnham is actually pregnant with a little girl. In an interview with Us Weekly, the reality star confessed that she found the final results to be something of a relief, as both she and her husband had been hoping for a daughter -- as she has far less experience with boys.

"I was really nervous to be a boy mom because I just don't know that I can relate as well, being a woman relating to a little boy," Burnham said to Us Weekly. "I have a little brother, and he's so sweet and I love him to death, but sometimes I don't really understand why he acts that way he does. I'm feeling a lot more confident in being able to be a girl mom first!"

The couple's daughter is due some time in June.