Bill Cosby Moved To General Population At Pennsylvania Maximum Security Prison

Mark MakelaGetty Images

Bill Cosby has been moved into general population in the maximum security Pennsylvania prison where he’ll serve his three-to-10-year sentence, the Associated Press is reporting. The move actually happened last week, but is only now being reported in the media.

Cosby, 81, has for the past four months been in a special housing unit at SCI-Phoenix in suburban Philadelphia. Like almost all incoming inmates at almost all prisons, Cosby lived in the segregated unit in order to become acclimated to the realities of prison life before being moved into general population.

However, that’s not to say that the elderly inmate is being thrown in with the worst of the worst at the prison. In fact, as prison accommodations go, he’ll have it pretty well.

That’s because due to his age, his wealth, and his “high-profile” status, he’s in a different, segregated unit that also houses rapper Meek Mill and a former Penn State University coach. In Cosby’s unit, he’ll have a private cell with a sink and toilet, and he’ll be allowed to purchase a TV and/or a tablet. He’ll also have, like the other inmates in the unit, access to the gym or exercise yard, as well as time in the library, classroom, day room, or visiting area.

Given his age, Cosby’s cell is near the infirmary. And given his status as legally blind, Cosby will have other prisoners to serve as his helpers.

It’s still prison, however. Cosby will, like all other inmates, be expected to be out of his bed by 6 a.m. and returned to his cell by 8:45 p.m. He will also be subjected to multiple head counts each day.

Meanwhile, Cosby’s prison experience has, according to reports, been not-unexpectedly miserable.

As the Inquisitr reported just this week, Cosby’s wife, Camille, reportedly refuses to visit him in prison as she mulls filing for divorce. Even on the couple’s 55th anniversary, says an anonymous insider close to the couple, all Cosby got was a cursory, brief phone call.

“She talked to him for four minutes before hanging up. It’s pretty obvious she doesn’t care about him anymore.”

His three adult daughters have also reportedly cut ties with the former actor and comedian.

Cosby was sent to prison in September 2018 after being convicted of three counts of aggravated indecent assault, for drugging and raping a woman. However, throughout his career, Cosby has been subject to multiple allegations of sexual misconduct and multiple lawsuits.