‘General Hospital’ Teaser: Sasha’s Guilty Conscience Spells Trouble For Valentin [Spoilers]

Craig SjodinABC Press

Wednesday’s General Hospital revealed just how happy Nina is to have her long lost daughter, Sasha, back in Port Charles again. It’s only been a short time since the girl left town, but Valentin decided to surprise Nina. He is still trying to give his ex anything she wants in order to get her to say yes to his second marriage proposal. Now Sasha has the power to squash his future with her fake mother.

Sasha has grown to care about Nina, and Charlotte as well. The threesome had a girls’ day going ice skating, and Nina was thrilled to have both of her daughters by her side. Sasha didn’t look too happy to be deceiving Nina this time around. In fact, she hesitated when Nina told her that Valentin proposed to her again. The whole episode had Sasha looking like she would spill the beans that she isn’t who Nina thinks she is.

According to General Hospital spoilers posted by She Knows Soaps, Sasha will be helping Nina make that important decision on whether to marry Valentin this time around. She had subtly tried to discourage her mother from making a hasty decision on Wednesday and Nina wanted to know why.

It’s obvious that Sasha wants to tell the truth that she is not the daughter that Nina lost long ago. She has formed a relationship with her and has become a big sister to Charlotte. That has the guilt setting in big time. She is getting herself in deeper and deeper every moment she spends with them. Sasha told Valentin that she is the one in control because she could bust his secret out of the water.

Unfortunately for Valentin, Liesl Obrecht knows the truth, and Peter is just about ready to put two and two together. He already knows that Obrecht has something huge over Valentin and now he is curious as to what that is.

Will Sasha spill the beans to Nina before anyone else does? This will break Nina’s heart, but there may be hope after all. The rumor is that her real daughter is still out there and her name could be Willow Tait. This will prove to be an interesting storyline if this is indeed true. Nina would much rather have Sasha than Willow as a daughter at this point in time.

It appears that Nina has accepted Valentin’s proposal already. She didn’t exactly say yes, but she did tell Willow that they were getting remarried on yesterday’s show. What will Sasha say to that? Stay tuned to General Hospital to find out.