Jennifer Garner Washes Green Penguin In Shower To Celebrate 5 Million Followers

Jennifer Garner is celebrating a big milestone on Instagram!

Last night, the actress took to her Instagram account to do what she does best — share a funny video with her fans. To celebrate an impressive 5 million followers, Garner got creative in a silly video.

In the short little clip, Garner stands in a grey-tiled shower with a plastic green penguin. The mother of three looks casual in a pair of black joggers and a gray T-shirt with white polka dots. She wears her hair in a messy and high bun and appears to be wearing very minimal makeup.

Just in front of Garner stands a giant green penguin and throughout the clip, the Alias star can be seen shampooing his hair, washing his body, and then drying him off with a towel. At the end of the video, Garner smiles as she carries the penguin out of the shower.

It's not uncommon for Garner to be silly in her Instagram videos and perhaps that is one of the reasons why she has gained so many followers in such a short amount of time. So far, Garner's followers have really taken a liking to her latest, silly post, giving it over 1.8 million likes in addition to 5,900 comments in just a short time of the post going live.

Some fans commented on the video to let Garner know how much she is loved, while countless others simply commented that she seems to have such a great personality.

"You are so funny and sweet and real and true..why wouldn't 5 million want to follow you? See what I just did there? Haha," one follower commented.

"I love u.. you are so freaking funny."
"I love all your videos. I may not fully understand this one, but you can do no wrong," another chimed in.

And while her social media life appears to be going very well, so is Garner's love life. As the Inquisitr recently shared, Jen's relationship with John Miller is heating up and the pair has been spending a lot of time together.

Not only have the new couple been enjoying date nights together, but they have also reportedly hung out with Garner's children, whom she shares with ex Ben Affleck. John also has two children from his previous marriage to Caroline Campbell and the pair has also spent time with them.

A source close to the couple says that their relationship is going strong and they're currently in the honeymoon phase. And while they're not looking to rush into marriage or anything like that, they have talked about their future together, which is a big step.

It's nice to see that Garner has found love once again.