Newest ‘Pet Sematary’ Trailer Is Chilling, Reveals Big Changes From Original

The latest Pet Sematary trailer has dropped, and fans are freaking out for more than one reason.

According to SyFy Wire, the new trailer is not only terrifying, but it also spoils a huge plot change from the original film.

As many fans of the Stephen King classic horror novel, or the original film, will remember that Pet Sematary centers around Louis Creed (Mason Clarke), a doctor who moves his family to a new home for work. Louis has a wife, Rachel (Amy Seimetz) and two children, daughter Ellie (Jete Laurence) and son Gage (Hugo and Lucas Lavoie). The family discover that there is a burial ground for pets just beyond their back yard, and hear the story behind the cemetery from their neighbor, Jud Crandall (John Lithgow).

In the trailer, the familiar storyline is set up. The Creeds move in and meet Jud. They later discover the burial ground for animals. After Ellie’s cat dies, Jud reveals to Louis that there is another burial ground beyond the Pet Sematary where the ground is sour. They bury the cat there, and it returns to life.

However, the trailer takes a huge turn from that point. Once Ellie sees that her cat has come back home she runs out to meet him in the road, where she is the one who gets hit and killed by a passing truck.

In the original film, Louis and Rachel’s youngest child, son Gage, is the one who passes away. However, this time around, Ellie will be the one terrifying us all with her return to the land of the living.

Once Ellie returns, the sneak peeks given of her are horrifying. The trailer even reveals one of the original film’s most memorable and cringe-worthy scenes, where a blade is used to cut Jud’s Achilles.

The trailer goes on to show images of the woods, burial grounds, and symbols that were left by tribes who once lived in the area. There are also clips of kids wearing creepy animal masks as they march into the woods to bury their pets.

The report also states that fans will see a glimpse of a Wendigo, which is the ancient entity that lives in the spooky woods, as well as Rachel’s nightmarish sister, Zelda, who left an impact on fans of the original movie.

It seems that the Pet Sematary remake has decided to change the story a bit and completely ramp up the horror. For fans who love Stephen King’s work, the plot change may be a hard one to get over, or it could translate amazingly on the big screen.

Pet Sematary hits theaters in April.