Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Moving Away To ‘Break Free’ From William And Kate, Per ‘Express’

Marc Giddings - WPA PoolGetty Images

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are moving away from their neighbors, Prince William and Kate Middleton, in order to “break free” from William, the Express is reporting. The move comes amid rumors of a feud not only between the two sisters-in-law but now between the two brothers as well.

It’s been known for a while now that Harry and Meghan, who have lived a short walk away from William and Kate in separate cottages on the grounds of Kensington Palace, are moving. Specifically, they’re headed for Frogmore Cottage, a Windsor Family property on the grounds of Windsor Castle, not far from where Meghan and Harry tied the knot.

Geographically, it’s a move of a few miles. But figuratively, says royal author Katie Nicholl, the move might as well be across the country. That’s because it represents a “break away” between the siblings and their families in the midst of a four-way feud.

At this point, it bears noting that Meghan and Harry’s move away from their siblings/in-laws may be just the natural progression of their lives. Both men will have families of their own soon, and Harry has lived in his brother’s shadow for his entire life. It could just be that they’re ready for some space of their own.

Or it could be, as Nicholls claims, that the “Fab Four,” as the British press calls them, aren’t getting along.

For months now, rumors have swirled that the two duchesses, Kate and Meghan, aren’t getting along. And while Kensington Palace has vehemently denied it, there may very well be some tiny bit of truth to the rumor. After all, Meghan comes from a completely different culture than Kate, and it’s all but certain that the two may have rubbed each other the wrong way at some point since they’ve known each other. And of course, no pair of sisters-in-law is going to go through their entire relationship without ever having a period of not getting along.

Now, however, word on the street is that William and Harry are having a row, specifically over Meghan. Nicholl claims that, before Meghan and Harry got married, William suggested to Harry that the relationship was moving too quickly. Harry, ever protective of Meghan, was “riled” by the remark, and the two men have been beefing since.

“Harry is hugely protective of Meghan, he saw that as criticism, he interpreted that as his brother not really being behind this marriage. I don’t think things have been quite right ever since.”

Of course, whether or not Harry and Meghan are moving away because of a feud, because they’re simply ready to move on, or for some other reason, is known only to them.