Fyre Festival Organizer Billy McFarland Disliked By Fellow Inmates For ‘Pompous’ Behavior, Per ‘Radar Online’


With four months having passed since Fyre Festival organizer Billy McFarland was sentenced to six years in federal prison for allegedly defrauding investors who put money into the event, it appears that he is similarly “unpopular” behind the walls of FCI Otisville in New York, as alleged in a new report from Radar Online.

In an interview with Radar Online, an unnamed informer at Otisville explained to the gossip publication that none of McFarland’s prisoners like him, due to the perception that the 27-year-old businessman acts like a “pompous a**hole” behind bars.

“He tries to buy respect from people by being flashy with his money,” the source claimed. “He calls the inmates that he hires to do his work for him his ‘groupies.'”

As related in a January report from Paste that referred to McFarland as the “patron saint of millennial con men,” Fyre Festival gained so much infamy in 2017 that it inspired competing documentaries from Netflix and Hulu, both of which detailed how the event failed to live up to its massive hype. Despite how Fyre’s organizers invited a host of celebrity influencers to the music festival and allegedly promised lavish accommodations, gourmet meals, and other amenities, those who flew to the Bahamas for the event were forced to spend their first night in FEMA disaster relief tents and subsist on cheese sandwiches, despite paying thousands of dollars just to be there.

Given the above complaints and others that were detailed in the Netflix and Hulu documentaries, Radar Online’s source claimed that McFarland has yet to show any remorse or take ownership for what had happened.

“Billy thinks that he should not even be there, and he has said this to everyone who wants to listen to him ramble,” the source alleged.

“He tells people inside Otisville that the islanders and the people purchasing the tickets should have educated themselves more in order to see the writing on the wall.”

As further claimed by Radar’s insider within Otisville, McFarland has received a lot of fan mail in the four months he has been incarcerated, but chooses not to open the letters, instead referring to the stacks of unread letters as “fan mail.” Additionally, the source referenced the two documentaries from last month, accusing McFarland of not being able to keep quiet about them and suggesting that Otisville will be airing the Netflix documentary for all the inmates to see.

“He craves attention from the high-end social life and is addicted to that more than he is addicted to his money.”

The above accusations against Billy McFarland’s character are nothing new, as Vulture wrote in October that prosecutors at the Fyre Festival organizer’s trial once recommended a sentence of 15 to 20 years in prison due to his “lack of remorse” and inability to accept responsibility for his actions. Furthermore, Paste’s report on McFarland accused him of “[lying] compulsively” and cooking up new lies on the spot when Hulu interviewed him for its Fyre Fraud documentary.