Marco Rubio Defends Love Of Water Bottles On SNL

US Senator Marco Rubio became a viral sensation after reaching for a water bottle during his rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union address. Now, the team at Saturday Night Live has decided to poke fun at the Senator’s insatiable appetite for H2O.

On last night’s SNL, “Marco Rubio” joined up with Seth Meyers for a spot on the popular “Weekend Update” segment.

As Rubio talks to Meyers, it quickly becomes clear that the Florida Senator is incapable of finishing even a single sentence without guzzling down water like a fish.

Marco Rubio claims that nerves led him to guzzle down water while rebutting President Obama’s SOTU address. Apparently, that answer wasn’t good enough for the team at SNL.

In the clip, Rubio attempts to speak without his beloved “life giving” water but instead ends up uttering incomprehensible words as he gasps for air and begs for a drink.

The reason for the water? SNL jokes that Rubio must have been eating a whole bag of dry roasted peanuts and some beef jerky while wearing his lucky burlap unitard under his suit.

Here is the SNL clip making fun of the Marco Rubio water bottle moment:

SNL brings up a good point: Why in the world did Marco Rubio decided to put the water bottle back so far away from its original position?

What did you think of SNL‘s Marco Rubio water bottle skit?