Gabrielle Union Shares Precious Photo Of Daughter After Telling How She Picked Her Surrogate

No matter how hard she tried and how badly she wanted it, actress Gabrielle Union just could not get pregnant. Appointment after appointment with numerous doctors kept the mystery behind her ailment, but finally one revealed that she suffered from adenomyosis, a condition that leads to miserably intense periods and an abnormally enlarged uterus.

It made sense, because the 46-year-old had never been able to carry a baby to term, she shared with Women's Health. Union suffered nine miscarriages and underwent three years of failed in vitro fertilization treatments

"There's nothing more that I wanted than to cook my own baby," she said.

Union was blessed to help raise husband Dwyane Wade's nephew and two sons from a previous marriage. But she still felt that ache for her own child. The road to pregnancy was a bumpy one and didn't seem as if it was meant to be.

By the time Union and Wade were down to the last three embryos, they made the difficult decision to stop all of her treatments. They instead changed course and decided to go with a surrogate carrier instead. She told Women's Health that it felt like she was "surrendering to failure."

Instead, she did her research and looked for the best person for them. Her selection process might have been a bit different than what others might have done.

"Some people care about the race, religion, or food habits of their surrogate. I was like, 'I want a reader,'" she said.

So when Union found a potential surrogate from a pool of people who also loved books like she did, Union knew she was "the one."

"She said, 'I love the smell of the pages,'" Union fondly recalled.

The same day Union's article came out about her surrogate selection process, she shared the most precious picture of Kaavia James Union Wade accompanied by the caption "❤ Explodes"

Kaavia was decked out in a pink and gray sweater with a gray and white elephant bib draped around her neck. Her mesmerizing huge brown eyes are captivating. But the sweetest thing about this photo is her squeezable cheeks. Her adorable little grin shows just how happy she is in this moment.

Instagram user @ms_risa3119 loved the photo.

"Her smile is the best way to end a long day! Thanks for sharing!" she wrote.

Another Instagram user pointed out those deliciously chubby cheeks.

"Oh my goodness look at those cheeks. So cute," posted Debbie Kennedy.