February 7, 2019
Kristoff St. John's Friend Marc Clebanoff Set The Record Straight On 'The Young And The Restless' Star's Death

Monday, the news of The Young and the Restless star Kristoff St. John's death shocked the world. The actor, who originated Neil Winters on the show in 1991, was only 52-years-old when he suddenly passed.

According to the Inquisitr, TMZ initially reported that a friend had conducted a wellness check on the actor. However, that friend has spoken out to set the record straight. St. John's close friend, director and writer Marc Clebanoff, is the one who found him at his San Fernando Valley home.

SoapHub reported that Clebanoff took to Facebook and revealed that he went to St. John's house on Sunday to watch the Super Bowl, and his visit was not a wellness check. He called the day that he found his friend dead one of the most challenging days of his life. When he arrived, he and an ex of St. John's performed CPR until help showed up, but it was too late.

Before Clebanoff went to St. John's on Sunday, they'd hung out together Friday night, and while the beloved soap star had been in a rough place, they'd laughed and had a typical evening together.

"I had no idea it would be the last time me or anyone would get to hang with him," wrote Clebanoff.

St. John and Clebanoff met about 12 years ago, and they became close friends when they worked together for five years on a documentary, which was a project close to the St. John family's heart.

The director-writer wrote, "To say he was a good dude is an understatement. This guy always looked after me like a son. When I was less fortunate than I am now, sometimes he'd overpay me when I was working for him just cuz he knew it would help me. When I was in Europe once, and my girl needed some help he went over and looked after her because I couldn't."

Also, St. John did all he could to support Clebanoff and help his career grow because the actor genuinely loved seeing his friends become successful. Clebanoff's post adds to the portrait of a fantastic human being that so many of St. John's friends, family, and costars have painted since his death.

The friend, who unfortunately found the soap star dead, emphatically believes that what happened was not intentional in any way. He wrote, "But believe this - don't believe the bullshit you read - Kristoff died of a broken heart. And I know for fact he had no intention of hurting himself. Period. End of story."

While many Y&R fans replied to Clebanoff's post, friends of St. John also replied with stories of the actor's beautiful soul.

Since his passing, St. John's costars and CBS Daytime have encouraged people to continue sharing their favorite stories of the actor, and the outpouring of love and beautiful memories is heartening in the face of such a devastating loss.