‘The Masked Singer’ Spoilers: The Peacock’s Latest Clue Is A Dead Giveaway To His Identity

Michael BeckerFOX

The Masked Singer judges watched as the peacock tore up the stage on Wednesday night, but they didn’t get any closer to figuring out his identity, or did they?

According to Entertainment Tonight, the peacock came out with a fun-filled rendition of John Legend’s hit ballad “All Of Me,” which the judges loved. During the clue package, the singer revealed that he loved being in the costume because without it people recognize him and always want to chat him up. He also waved a rainbow-colored cape in the air.

Other clues revealed were that he weighs 176 pounds, seemingly taking David Hasselhoff out of the running, and the most shocking clue of all, a wig that the peacock claims landed him in jail.

Because of his weight and the rainbow cape, some of the judges believed that Neil Patrick Harris may be the celebrity they’ve been watching perform for weeks now. However, fans have been sticking to their guns since the show started, claiming that it is Donny Osmond behind the mask.

After the clue about the wig, some fans couldn’t figure out how it connected to Osmond, but some Twitter users figured it out rather quickly, revealing that Donny once played Joseph in Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and donned the exact same wig.

Fans believe that the rainbow cape was a nod to his former role, where his character was thrown in jail. Fans are now convinced more than ever that Donny Osmond is the man behind the peacock mask. However, not all the judges are on board yet.

In addition to Neil Patrick Harris’ name, other stars like David Copperfield, Shaun Cassidy, Wayne Brady, and more had their names thrown around. However, Jenny McCarthy did claim that she believed the singer could be Donny, to which the peacock began to laugh, making the judge second guess herself.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, The Masked Singer ended week 6 by unmasking the raven, who turned out to be Emmy-winning talk show host Ricki Lake.

Ricki revealed that she decided to do the show as a tribute to her late husband, who passed away the year before, and that she found it very hard to keep a secret from those she loved. However, she loved being hidden behind the mask.

Judge Robin Thicke was the only person to guess Lake’s identity correctly.

Fans can watch more of The Masked Singer when the show airs Wednesday nights on FOX.