230 New Emojis Being Unleashed In 2019: Inclusive People, Food, Animals, And More

Just when you thought there’s already an emoji for everything, 230 brand-new digital icons will be available starting in the second half of 2019. This is the 12th update approved by the Unicode Consortium, the organization that adopts standards for emojis, since the fun symbolic characters first became available for use in electronic messages.

Now, while the official number of new emojis being offered is indeed 230, this number includes different varieties of the same icon. For example, emojis featuring people come in both male and female versions, with multiple hair color options and skin tones.

And just who are some of the humans now represented? Those that like to stand, kneel, and hold hands with others — whether it’s a man and woman, two men, or two women.

Also, in an effort to be more inclusive of those with disabilities, there are people in manual and motorized wheelchairs, walking with a white probing cane, and signaling to others that they are deaf.

Additional emojis indicating disabilities include a mechanical arm, a mechanical leg, an ear with a hearing aid, a guide dog, and a service dog.

According to USA Today, Apple first proposed emojis for people with disabilities last March. The company worked with the American Council of the Blind, the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, and the National Association of the Deaf to push the proposal forward.

“Adding emoji emblematic to users’ life experiences helps foster a diverse culture that is inclusive of disability. Emoji are a universal language and a powerful tool for communication, as well as a form of self-expression, and can be used not only to represent one’s own personal experience, but also to show support for a loved one,” Apple stated.

One of the new emojis getting a lot of buzz is the pinching hand, which features the thumb and index finger close to each other, with the other fingers curled back. Emojipedia said that this icon is “used to suggest that something is small, or to gesture a small amount.” However, as the Daily News pointed out, many people on social media are saying that the new symbol looks more like someone is trying to describe a “tiny penis.”

Meanwhile, foodies will enjoy the new stick of butter, falafel, onion, garlic, waffle, and beverage box emojis, while animal lovers will appreciate the flamingo, orangutan, otter, skunk, and sloth icons.

There are new colors for simple shapes like hearts (white and brown), circles (orange, yellow, green, purple, and brown), and squares (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and brown).

Those prone to injuries and illnesses will get a lot of use out of the icons depicting a stethoscope, adhesive bandage, and drop of blood, while fashion fiends will have fun adding a sari, one-piece swimsuit, swim shorts, safety vest, and men’s briefs emojis to their messages.

A yawning face, Hindu temple, parachute, yo-yo, diving mask, kite, axe, banjo, ballet shoes, and chair are just some of the other all-new emojis.

Watch the video below from Emojipedia to see all of the new emojis being introduced in 2019.