‘General Hospital’ Cast News: Emme Rylan Renews Contract, Lulu Sticking Around Port Charles [Spoilers]

Craig SjodinABC

Actress Emme Rylan has been playing Lulu Spencer Falconeri on General Hospital for several years now, and she just revealed that she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. There had been some speculation that the character might be written out, but now spoilers reveal that there’s plenty more storyline involving Lulu on the way.

General Hospital fans had worried that perhaps Emme Rylan would be leaving General Hospital when it became fairly clear Lulu would be targeted by Ryan. Luckily, Ryan didn’t complete what he started in that attack and while Lulu doesn’t remember what happened accurately at this point, she did survive and won’t be perishing anytime soon.

Rylan shared via her Instagram page that she had good news for fans of her work as Lulu. Emme shared that she had just renewed her General Hospital contract, and she added that she was happy to be continuing in her role for the foreseeable future. She added a hashtag about loving her job and her fans were thrilled to see this news.

Of course, that means that the writers need to decide what to do with the character of Lulu going forward. Specifically, they need to decide what direction to head in terms of her marriage to Dante. Viewers are expecting something to develop on this front soon, given Lulu’s delicate condition after the attack and all of the talk about how Dante is deep undercover and impossible to reach.

Since Lulu is sticking around, viewers speculate that the writers will either need to at least consider recasting the role of Dante since it doesn’t look like Dominic Zamprogna is going to have an interest in returning full-time. If they don’t recast Dante, then they probably will need to drive the storyline in the direction of writing the character out of the picture in a more permanent way.

While Lulu doesn’t have to have a new love interest right now, it seems unlikely General Hospital would want to leave the character tied up to an invisible husband forever. For example, some have speculated that maybe Lulu and Chase will grow close romantically, especially if Willow and Michael happen to end up together.

What should the writers do with Lulu now that Emme Rylan has renewed her contract with General Hospital? Spoilers hint that the character has a complicated road ahead as she tries to recover from Ryan’s attack and viewers have a lot to look forward to in the weeks ahead by the sounds of things.