Gigi Hadid Bares Her Cleavage In New Image From 'Elle' Magazine

Lauren Saccone

Gigi Hadid is excited about her upcoming March cover for Elle, and she's sharing her enthusiasm with her 45.8 million Instagram followers. The supermodel shared an image from the high-concept shoot, garnering over 133,000 likes in less than 20 minutes.

In the sexy image, Hadid puts her stunning figure on full display, lying stretched out along a sandy beach, with blue water in the background. Her hair hangs loosely against the sand as she pushes it out of her face with her hand. She wears a single gold bracelet, and her makeup is fresh-faced and soft to complement the natural beauty surrounding her.

Hadid's outfit is high fashion, in stark contrast with the relaxed setting. She wears an incredibly low-cut black top emblazoned with a red design. Across the top is a single black strap, held in place with a gold button. The outfit shows off an ample amount of cleavage as the model gazes alluringly into the camera.

But this isn't the only cover shot Hadid did for Elle. The supermodel shared two additional covers that fans can grab in March. In the images, which are from the same beachside photo shoot, Hadid shows off two very different -- but equally striking -- looks.

The second Elle cover features a full-body shot of the supermodel, this time wearing a clingy one-shoulder floral dress that shows off every inch of her lean figure. Hadid has her head tilted to the side as she pushes her long blonde hair away from her neck. The thigh-high dress gives viewers a look at her long, toned legs as she walks away from the water towards the camera.

Hadid has been busier than ever lately, and it's obvious from her Instagram presence. Besides her highly-anticipated Elle cover, the supermodel has been hard at work on her new athleisure collection with Reebok. Hadid took classic Reebok styles and combined them with her own cutting-edge fashion sensibilities, resulting in a collection that's both retro and ultra-modern.

As if that isn't enough, Hadid recently completed a campaign with elite fashion line Prada, showing off a retro pixie look in the following black and white poster.