R. Kelly Announces Overseas Tour Amid Sexual Abuse Allegations

Daniel Boczarski Getty Images

The recent allegations of sexual misconduct made against R. Kelly and the resulting wave of backlash are not going to stop the singer from making music. On Tuesday, Kelly tweeted a poster announcing a tour in New Zealand, Australia, and Sri Lanka “coming soon.” While no dates or venues have been given yet, the controversial R&B artist is already facing criticism for the move, USA Today reported.

“NEW TOUR ALERT,” the tweet read, along with a photo of Kelly and the phrase “King of R&B.”

R. Kelly’s announcement also appeared on Instagram and Facebook. The posts have since been deleted, but not before causing an uproar among Twitter users. Some Australian users wrote that Kelly isn’t welcome in their country, while others said that he should be locked up.

“Right. R Kelly is ok… but not a refugee. Geez AUSTRALIA….” one person said.

“Ok but like did anybody apart from R Kelly want R Kelly to tour Australia?” another joked.

Kelly’s fans do still remain, though, and some of them wrote that they are looking forward to the tour.

“Your concerts must go on,” someone said, while another added that “the storm is over.”

Accusations against the singer arose in a six-part Lifetime docu-series called Surviving R. Kelly in early January. The singer’s alleged sexual abuse victims, as well as stars like John Legend, joined the series to share their stories. Kelly has not been officially convicted of any crimes.

TMZ reported on Wednesday that Angelo Clary, the father of Kelly’s alleged sex slave Azriel Clary, believes that the countries who are allowing R. Kelly in for a tour must explain why they are welcoming him. Clary considers the tour to be a complete disregard for the words of the singer’s victims.

The allegations may affect Kelly’s ability to enter Australia, according to Independent. The Labor Party has reportedly denied visas to Chris Brown and Floyd Mayweather following similar abuse claims.

The shadow minister for immigration and border protection in Australia, Shayne Neumann, said that the Labor Party strongly supports “the refusal or cancellation of visas of non-citizens on character or criminal grounds.”

“If the immigration minister suspects that a non-citizen does not pass the character test, or there is a risk to the community while they are in Australia, he should use the powers he has under the Migration Act to deny or cancel their visa,” Neumann continued.

No further details on R. Kelly’s overseas tour have been announced, but it will likely promote the album that the singer claims is coming soon, as well as the single he released on January 1.