Donald Trump Jr Could Have A ‘Great Political Future,’ Says Fox News Host Brian Kilmeade

Win McNameeGetty Images

Donald Trump Jr. might be the latest person speaking to Robert Mueller in reference to his investigation, but Fox News host Brian Kilmeade believes that if the president’s first son wants to, he could have a great future in politics. Don Jr. heads up the Trump business dealings while his father is in the White House, but he also weighs in regularly on Twitter about his father’s administration.

The Daily Beast says that on Fox & Friends this morning, Don Jr. railed against Democrats for being anti-capitalist, and co-host Brian Kilmeade stated after the interview that he thought that the oldest son of the president could have “a great political future should he ever run.”

Donald Trump Jr. celebrated his father’s State of the Union speech and outlined what is really wrong with the Democrats who he claims need citizens to be dependent on government as opposed to taking care of themselves.

“They need Americans to have to look to government for everything. That is what they’re pushing. That is what they want.”

He says because of this, they don’t realize that capitalism is the “greatest system ever established.”

Donald Trump Jr. says it is capitalism which put men on the moon after all.

Kilmeade’s smile said it all when Trump Jr. was done.

“Clearly, he’d have a great political future should he ever run.”

NewsMax says that Donald Trump Jr. believes that while the Republican party is eager to embrace capitalism, the Democratic party is moving toward socialism and that is the drive behind getting rid of his father.

But Don Jr. also took some time to throw in his two cents about the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller, calling it the “greatest witch hunt in American history.”

He adds that there is nothing to find, but that hasn’t stopped Mueller and his team from trying to attack and ruin a great business.

“They have been doing it to me for two years on other issues. The reality is there is nothing there. We are an incredible business. We focus on our existing assets. They are trying to make it very difficult for us to grow.”

The president’s son says that he has answered all of the questions asked of him, and reiterates that he was not part of any conspiracy against then-candidate Hillary Clinton or anyone else. But he said that it’s not enough for the “leftists” running the investigation who won’t be happy until they ruin his father and his family.