Michael Jackson’s Body May Be Exhumed Amid Several New Sexual Assault Allegations, Reports ‘Radar Online’

Christina BaranyGetty Images

Though the King of Pop was found not guilty on all charges against him during his highly publicized sexual assault trial, Radar Online is now reporting that his body may now be exhumed due to new allegations, 11 in total, against the controversial pop star.

“There are at least 11 new victims who claim they were molested and even raped by Jackson when they were between the ages of 7 and 14 — and the list is growing,” a source close to the new set of victims told Radar. The group has formed an alliance to subpoena the estate of Jackson to release his DNA that they hope will match that collected from them during their traumatizing assaults.

Wade Robson, an Australian-based dancer and choreographer, and James Safechuck, a computer programmer, are said to be at the helm of this new investigation — and the duo was also at the center of the documentary series Leaving Neverland that appeared at Sundance.

As the LA Times reported, Robson was obsessed with Jackson from a young age and would emulate his dance moves beginning at age 2. While on a family getaway to California, Robson’s mother contacted the “Thriller” singer’s management team and arranged for her son to meet Jackson at his Van Nuys recording studio.

Jackson invited the family to stay in his home on the Neverland Ranch, and Robson and his younger sister shared a bed with Jackson that evening, while his parents slept in the nearby guest quarters. The following evening, Robson stayed in Jackson’s bed alone, and it’s then that the dancer alleged that the sexual abuse began. Jackson told Robson not to tell anyone what happened, or Jackson’s career — and Robson’s future career — would be ruined.

Safechuck met Jackson after appearing in several television commercials, mainly Michael Jackson’s iconic spot for Pepsi, which Safechuck was cast in. Jackson wrote Safechuck a lengthy letter expressing his joy over meeting the young man and invited him and his family to his home for a visit.

According to the documentary, Safechuck said that he and Jackson engaged in sexual acts “hundreds of times,” and that the singer paid off the young man with lavish gifts and jewelry.

According to a forensic investigator Radar spoke to, the DNA from scratches and skin-to-skin contact would still be on Jackson, even after all this time.

“Many victims and those campaigning to uncover the truth believe the key to proving the extent of Jackson’s abuse lies in digging up his remains and scraping it for DNA,” the source continued.

Though there have been rumors that Jackson’s body was cremated, many close to the family think that his body is entombed at Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.