Kyle Richards Calls Out Lisa Vanderpump For Calling ‘TMZ’ To Respond To Her Baby Shower Comment

Isabella VosmikovaBravo

Kyle Richards is calling out Lisa Vanderpump for enlisting TMZ to help her share her opinion on a comment Richards made about her absence during Andy Cohen’s baby shower last month.

While Richards did nothing more than joke with a photographer who suspected Vanderpump didn’t attend the event because she wasn’t going to be paid for the appearance, Vanderpump fired back at her and slammed Richards for her “b***hy” comments. She also said that unlike other Real Housewives, she wouldn’t need to be paid for the appearance because she has a job outside of reality television.

Vanderpump then said her co-stars were “b***hes” and slammed them all for trashing her.

In response to Vanderpump’s comments, Richards fought back on Twitter, first tweeting about her “b***h” comment and later slamming Vanderpump for taking the initiative with TMZ and further fueling their ongoing feud.

After fans pointed out that what Richards had said during her own interview with TMZ wasn’t at all offensive, another suspected that Vanderpump reacted badly because she hadn’t seen the video. Instead, the fan pondered, she was likely reacting to the TMZ interviewer’s comment that suggested Richards’ comments were catty.

“Well in [Lisa’s] defense the guy at TMZ said Kyle said it to shade her,” the fan said.

However, according to Kyle, Lisa knew exactly what she had said and the context in which she had said it.

“She had seen the video already. Trust me,” she posted on Twitter. “Why do you think she called in to TMZ? You have to set those interviews up. They don’t just call and you randomly answer TMZ. This was all blown out of proportion.”

“The retaliation on Lisa’s behalf was definitely not in proportion to your comment on TMZ Kyle,” another person agreed.

On Tuesday, Kyle Richards appeared on Live! With Kelly & Ryan and during her appearance, she addressed her ongoing drama with Lisa Vanderpump, telling the hosts she and the restauranteur are not currently on speaking terms. She then told Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest that she hoped she and Vanderpump would ultimately reconcile their friendship.

As fans have seen over the past several seasons, Richards and Vanderpump have gone through ups and downs but always seem to get their friendship back on track eventually.

To see more of Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, and their co-stars, don’t miss the Season 9 premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Tuesday, February 12, at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.