Donald Trump Says He’s An ‘Envied Man’ … By … ?

It must be nice to be Donald Trump: He’s rich, he’s powerful, he’s completely insane.

Trump has again tweeted something worth writing about (which is probably all he wanted in the first place, so, well played, Trump), this time claiming to be the “third most envied man in America.”

MSN says that Trump’s claim is actually lifted from the television show Family Feud. I think Trump just believes it.

The Donald’s comment was quickly shamed and mocked by countless tweeps, who made fun of his hair, his spelling, the trail of human suffering left behind him thanks to multiple failed marriages, and even his questionable mental health.

In all fairness it has been a tough couple of months for The Donald, even if he is bringing all of the pain upon his own head.

Prior to election time last year, Trump made several claims about President Barack Obama (birther stuff) seemingly attempting to draw him out in some kind of weird public blackmail situation. He boasted of having some kind of “game changer” which was revealed to be pretty much nothing close to election time.

But Trump got his name in the press.

More recently, Trump has threatened a lawsuit against comedian Bill Maher and made an eerie call for revolution in the streets.

And again, Trump got his name in the press. I’m telling you, he doesn’t care what we think of him. He just likes seeing his name on headlines.

In any case, here’s Trump’s tweet and a handful of funny responses:

Do you envy Donald Trump?