Cardi B Says She Won’t Run For Political Office

Mike Coppola Getty Images

Just this year, she’s recorded a video denouncing President Trump during the government shutdown, threatened to “dog walk” Fox News pundit Tomi Lahren on Twitter, and has been defended by her fellow Bronx native, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

But don’t expect Cardi B to run for political office herself. The rapper said in an interview with Extra’s AJ Calloway this week that she’s not interested in a political run.

“No, no,” Cardi B said when Calloway suggested that she run for president or another office in 2020. The rapper added that she thinks Donald Trump successfully took the celebrity-to-politics route because he has a lot of money. “So I think that’s why it worked out for him, but I don’t think he’s experienced or anything.”

However, the rapper did say that she may take up an offer from the Polk County Democrats, an organization in Iowa, to speak to them when she’s in the first-in-the-nation caucus state this May for a concert.

“If I can talk about what’s going on in America, with a little bit of entertainment, why not,” she said, warning that there’s a chance some curse words may slip out when she does so.

She also followed up on her Instagram video last month about the government shutdown.

“You know what I didn’t understand, people were saying that, you know, ‘all of a sudden, she thinks she’s so smart,'” Cardi said of the reaction to her political comments. “This is not about being smart, this is something… you can watch the news and you can understand.”

Per Inquisitr, Cardi B has been critical of President Trump for some time; she joked in a 2018 appearance on The Tonight Show that the president looks as though “they put his butt implants in on the wrong side.” Earlier this year, the rapper posted a widely seen Instagram video in which she blamed the president, in ribald terms, for the government shutdown, a rant which was later remixed into a song. The video was praised by the freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who told TMZ and quoted by Inquisitr, that “Bronx girls are gonna re-open the government, okay?”

The rapper also started a feud with Fox News’ Tomi Lahren, who was critical of Cardi’s government shutdown video.

“Leave me alone I will dog walk you,” Cardi B said on Twitter last month of Lahren. The two again traded jabs this week over the arrest of rapper 21 Savage on immigration violations, with Cardi once again referencing the dog-walking.

“Don’t make me get my leash,” she said.