‘The Bachelor’: Why Colton Underwood Doesn’t Want Elyse Dehlbom As The Next Bachelorette

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The Bachelor fans saw a dramatic turn in the latest episode of the reality series on February 4 when contestant Elyse Dehlbom quit the show during a candid moment with Bachelor Colton Underwood. Now, the reality star is opening up about her departure and revealing why he doesn’t think Elyse should return to the show when it hits screens later this year as The Bachelorette to look for love again.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight on February 5, Colton made it pretty clear that he very much wouldn’t like to see her being the one handing out the roses after admitting that he just doesn’t think that she’d be able to handle the format of the ABC dating show.

“This format isn’t exactly for her,” Colton said of Elyse after she walked from the show during Monday night’s installment, causing him to get pretty emotional.

But while it sounds like Underwood admitting that he doesn’t want to see her back on the show could be seen as some subtle shade, he then added, “I’m not saying that just to spite her, I’m just saying it’s realistic.”

“It is a lot. It took me a couple shows, I guess, to get there and really realize [that],” he then continued, referring to the show’s format of dating and getting pretty intimate with multiple people at the same time.

Colton was visibly upset when Elyse decided to call time on the show, though he admitted that he “respected” her decision to leave.

“I respect her choice and for her to stand up and do what she felt was best for her,” The Bachelor star said of her quitting, though he also admitted that it was “tough” for him to see her go.

Colton Underwood attends 50K Charity Challenge Celebrity Basketball Game at UCLA's Pauley Pavilion
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As the Inquisitr previously reported, Elyse made the decision to walk away from Colton and the ABC dating show after realizing that she couldn’t handle the idea of the football player dating multiple women and wouldn’t be able to accept his proposal if she made it through to the end.

“I literally can’t accept a proposal after a few months of sharing your time and attention with other people. I can’t do it,” Elyse told Colton on the series. “I listen to these girls talk about how much they’re falling in love with you. This isn’t working for me. I have to leave.”

Elyse was then widely criticized on social media after she quit. Many pointed out that the contestants competing for one partner is the whole concept of the reality series, which has been airing on ABC for 23 seasons.

The dramatic moment went down shortly after the Inquisitr reported that Underwood revealed some juicy secrets about his upcoming overnight fantasy suites dates with his remaining women during a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.