Marc Anthony’s Ex-Wife Dayanara Torres Diagnosed With Skin Cancer

Marc Anthony and his wife Dayanara Torres attend the 45th Annual Grammy Awards at Madison Square Garden on February 23, 2003 in New York City.
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Dayanara Torres, the ex-wife of singer Marc Anthony, has been diagnosed with skin cancer. The former Miss Universe 1993 revealed the news to her Instagram followers with a video she published on World Cancer Day.

Although she spoke Spanish in the video, Torres translated her statement to English for the caption, as reported by People Magazine.

Torres, who is engaged to Marvel film producer Louis D’Esposito, revealed that he had been “begging” her to get the area checked and made the appointment for her himself.

The former wife of Anthony revealed that she is waiting on treatment options from her doctors and explained that surgeons removed “two lymph nodes at the top of [her] leg” where it had spread as well as another area from behind her leg.

Torres is hoping the cancer has not spread further, as she penned on the social media site.

The gorgeous former Miss Universe shares two children with Anthony, whom she married in 2000, Cristian and Ryan. She said of her son’s reaction to her diagnosis, “[m]y sons although a bit scared know my faith and know they have a warrior of a mommy!”

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Soy #Guerrera As mothers we are always taking care of everyone around us… our kids, family, friends & often we forget to take care of ourselves. ???? Today I have some sad news… I have been diagnosed with skin cancer "melanoma" from a big spot/mole I never paid attention to, even though it was new, it had been growing for years & had an uneven surface. ???? My fiancé Louis had been begging me to have it checked & finally made an appointment himself… after a biopsy & a second surgery last Tuesday the results unfortunately are positive. Now we are waiting to see which treatment I will be receiving but they have already removed a big area from the back of my knee & also they have removed 2 lymph nodes at the top of my leg where it had already spread. Hoping it has not spread to any more areas or organs. ???????? ???? I have put everything in God's hands & I know he has all control… My sons although a bit scared know about my faith and know they have a warrior of a mommy! ???? But if I can help anyone along the way based on my experience, it would be to tell you… PLEASE, never forget to take care of yourself. If you see something or feel something different in your body have it checked… I had no idea skin cancer could spread anywhere else in your body. . . #Guerrera #iHaveFaith #TrustGod "God doesn't give the hardest battles to his tougher soldier, he creates the toughest soldiers through Life's hardest battles". TODAY is #WorldCancerDay #RaisingAwareness

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Torres implored to her followers to continue to take care of themselves, telling them that if they feel something different in their body or if they see something on their skin that looks out of the ordinary, to have it checked by a medical professional.

According to the website, the disease is “the uncontrolled growth of abnormal skin cells and occurs when unrepaired DNA damage to skin cells triggers mutations, or genetic defects, that lead the skin cells to multiply rapidly and form malignant tumors.”

Skin cancer is the leading cancer diagnosis in the United States, more than any other cancers combined, reported the site.

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