‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan’s Sinister Plan Puts Franco’s Future In Jeopardy

Michael YadaABC Press

Ryan’s reign of terror continues on General Hospital this week. It appears that there is no end to how far he will go to keep his identity hidden from the residents of Port Charles. Not only has he killed three people so far, but he almost made Lulu Falconeri his fourth victim after he viciously attacked her in her office. She is trying to remember whose face it was who held the knife in his hand and “Kevin” is more than happy to help her along with that.

Tuesday’s General Hospital had Lulu undergoing hypnosis in Kevin’s office. It was only her and Ryan after he insisted that no one else could be in the room with her. Now his sinister plan to get her to remember her attacker is in full motion. Unfortunately, he prompted Lulu to replace his own face with Franco Baldwin’s. As She Knows Soaps indicates, Ryan is making Franco his pawn, and it’s working perfectly.

In the previews for Wednesday, you can see Jordan storming into a room at GH holding a gun in her hand. She is intent on arresting the person who Lulu remembers as attacking her, and that would be Franco. It appears that he will be at work in his art therapy room when Jordan barges in to arrest him. This is all part of Ryan’s plan to take the heat off of himself.

However, the one thing that he may not realize is that if the PCPD has who they think is the real killer locked up, Ryan may not be able to kill anyone else again. If he did, then they would know that Franco is not the serial killer. It’s likely that he won’t be able to control himself for long.

Everyone will be stunned to learn that Lulu pointed the finger at Franco for the murders, especially Elizabeth. Will she begin to doubt her fiance? Ava will be totally shocked when she learns that everyone believes that Franco killed her daughter. She has plenty of rage built up, so she may lash out at him thinking that he is responsible for her losing Kiki forever. Will anyone truly believe that Franco, a former killer, would actually not have committed these current murders?

There is more to come on General Hospital next week. More spoilers suggest that Laura will be paying a visit to Franco. Jordan approached Laura yesterday asking her if she thinks Franco could be capable of killing again. He is living with her grandchildren, and it was her daughter that was attacked, so this is personal for her. Spoilers also say that Jordan will offer Franco a way out of this dire situation, so not all is lost for him after all.

February sweeps are upon us and General Hospital fans are ready for Ryan’s killing spree to come to an end. Keep watching this month to see if that will happen, or if he will continue to terrorize Port Charles a bit longer.