Piers Morgan Admits To Being Terrified He Would Be Butchered By Notorious Serial Killer Bernard Giles

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Opinionated TV host Piers Morgan was in fear of his life recently when he came face to face with a savage serial killer.

Morgan branded Bernard Giles “the most dangerous person he had ever met.” And for once, the mouthy Brit is not guilty of hyperbole. In the early 1970s, Giles conducted a campaign of terror which struck fear into the heart of America.

During a frenzied three-month period, the 20-year-old electrician embarked on a horrific killing spree in Titusville, Florida.

The Sun reports that the twisted killer’s modus operandi was to pick up hitchhikers before driving them at gunpoint to remote areas where he would sexually abuse and murder them.

Giles was married and had a 5-month-old daughter at the time of the killings. After being caught and convicted of murdering five women, he only escaped the death penalty by confessing his guilt.

Although he held his hands up to the crimes, Giles remained fiercely unrepentant of his deeds and insisted he didn’t remember any of the victims’ names.

Giles is on record as bragging, “why would someone embrace the names of their victims? I saw these women as objects.”

For the record, the women were 22-year-old mother of two Paula Hamric; Nancy Gerry, 18; Carolyn Bennett, 17; and 14-year-olds Sharon Wimer and Krista Melton.

Criminologists regard Giles as particularly unusual because he came from a loving family background with no evidence of abuse. He also had no previous criminal record or run-ins with authority.

Yet in his own words, Giles claims he harbored a sinister craving for sexual violence against women since the age of 6.

The Mirror reports that Morgan reflected how Giles was one of the first serial killers he met who appeared to enjoy talking about his crimes.

Morgan interviewed Giles for his ITV docu-series Confessions Of A Serial Killer. During his one-to-one with Giles, there was no glass screen between the TV host and the murderer. Morgan admits it did cross his mind he was sitting a cat’s whisker away from a man who would take a life at a drop of a hat.

Even though there were armed guards nearby, Morgan was still in mortal fear of his life.

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“The guards are very heavily armed, but they’re probably not quite close enough to stop anything and sometimes they do give specific warnings to say, ‘Look, if you are attacked, do not react, we will deal with it.’ But they don’t have anything to lose and he was probably the most dangerous person I’ve ever met in my life.”

Morgan believes Giles would kill again if released and said, “I think people like him could never be rehabilitated.”

Piers added, “this guy, he was almost like Hannibal Lecter – highly intelligent and could be charming. I felt like I had been in the presence of a twisted killer.”

During the interview, Morgan shows Giles an up-to-date photo of his daughter. A daughter Giles has not seen or heard from since he was imprisoned.

Morgan asked, “when you look at your own daughter at that age. Smiling, innocent, and happy, what do you feel about the young women you killed?”

To which Giles responds, “I don’t put those together.”