Jeff Lewis Flips Out On Ex-Boyfriend Gage Edward For Dating Just Days After They Broke Up

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Just days after announcing that the pair had called it quits, Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis is furious that his ex-boyfriend Gage Edward is allegedly already dating. According to People, the Bravo star found out that Edward went on a date at a restaurant where Lewis thinks he knew he’d be seen.

Lewis spoke about the betrayal on an episode of his Sirius XM radio show called “Jeff Lewis Live.” During the show, he explained that he and Edward had been on good terms since the breakup until things took a bad turn when Lewis found out about the situation.

“We’ve been getting along pretty well until I found out that he went out on a date on Saturday night,” Lewis said.

What made the betrayal worse, in Lewis’ eyes, is that Edward went to Mastro’s in Beverly Hills, a place that’s very popular and where Edward was sure to be seen by someone who would get the information back to Lewis.

Lewis confronted his ex about the date and says he believes that the two met at the gym some time ago.

“Home wrecker, I think, has been in [Gage’s] ear for quite some time. I think home wrecker has exploited quite a vulnerable situation. I think this person positioned himself as a gym buddy friend, and I think this person has set his sights on him before,” Lewis said.

“I don’t think [Gage is] thinking clearly, and I do not like this guy.”

Lewis went on about the “home wrecker,” saying that the individual didn’t care that he was possibly threatening Edward’s career or relationship with Lewis, with whom he shares daughter Monroe.

In reaction to the situation, Lewis says that he set up his own dating profile on an online dating site. He says he’s met someone interesting and they’ve exchanged texts and photos, but the budding relationship fizzled before it got started when the mystery man found out Lewis had a child.

Lewis also revealed that he feels responsible for Edward moving out. He says that he abandoned the relationship emotionally and pushed Edward away after losing his grandmother, best friend Jenni, and the surrogate who carried their child. He says by the time he realized what he was doing, it was too late and Edward was moving into a hotel.

The 48-year-old also told his audience that he wouldn’t be upset if the two repaired their relationship in the future, according to OK Magazine. A few days ago on his show, he said that he hopes Edward realizes what he has lost and focuses on the positive aspects of their relationship.