‘Walking Dead’ Seasons Airing In Black And White On AMC

Catch The Walking Dead reruns in black and white because … Alright, no one knows why.

Just in case you don’t have Netflix, Hulu Plus, or good ol’ fashioned DVDs, AMC is re-airing season one of its hit zombie apocalypse show The Walking Dead with a twist. The episodes are being broadcasted in black and white.

Though AMC didn’t say why they’re airing Walking Dead reruns in black and white, some publications have guessed that the episodes are meant to be a tribute to old horror movies that have influenced the current zombie craze. We’re mostly thinking 1968s Night of the Living Dead, filmed in black and white for budgetary reasons by zombie film legend George A. Romero.

MSN opined that the black and white added to the terrifying atmosphere of Night of the Living Dead, but we’re skeptical of its effect on the more modern The Walking Dead.

It seems like a pseudo-artistic decision from where I’m sitting. Homage to Night of the Living Dead? Maybe. But The Walking Dead comic book is completely in black and white itself, so I think that’s the reason they’re airing the episodes as such. That explanation makes more sense, but the decision to air in black and white is still pretty lame if you ask me.

It was probably a Kirkman call. But, in the long line of strange AMC decisions over the past year, black and white episodes is pretty tame.

Episodes one and two of season one aired this past Thursday. Following episodes will be broadcasted likewise.

Oh, and check out this cool image of Daryl (Norman Reedus) in black and white from E! News. What do you think of The Walking Dead in black and white? Good call? Bad call? Somewhere in between?

Daryl Dixon