TLC Announces New 10-Part Series 'Say Yes To The Dress America'

Fans of TLC's hit series Say Yes to the Dress loved watching the emotions unfold inside the Manhattan-based Kleinfeld Bridal salon. More than 250 professionals are on hand to help each bride receive the most amazing experience.

Say Yes to the Dress followed brides searching for that perfect dress; the one that called out to them and they couldn't pull their eyes from. It's described by TLC as "part bridal story, part fashion makeover and part family therapy session." It first aired in October 2007, narrated by the perky Roger Craig Smith.

The network launched a spinoff called Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta that captured the joy of Southern Belles seeking a wedding gown that was just for them. TLC today announced in a statement that it is working on a brand-new series called Say Yes to the Dress America that will launch in January 2020.

It will feature one bride from every state across the country who will participate in the ultimate group wedding ceremony that will be officiated by TLC bridal expert Randy Fenoli. The show is currently putting out a call for interested brides.

Described as an "unprecedented" 10-part series, the show will end with the two-hour wedding event. Howard Lee, president and general manager for TLC, said the network is thrilled for the new show.

"When viewers need their bridal fix, they turn to Say Yes to the Dress. We are beyond excited to expand this beloved franchise and give superfans across the country the chance to be a part of the biggest and most buzzworthy wedding event of the year," he said.

Brides will apply via video to represent their state, as well as Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. According to TLC, brides who are invited to participate in the new series will embark upon an all-expenses-paid trip to New York, enjoy a private shopping event at Kleinfeld Bridal where they will be given the wedding gown of their dreams, then receive a TLC-hosted pre-wedding reception and a group wedding involving all 52 couples.

According to Fashionista, Kleinfeld Bridal caters to a minimum 17,000 brides every year and sells at least 10,000 gowns annually.

Kleinfeld fashion director Terry Hall told the magazine that that brides must remain "open minded" during their bridal appointment.

"And not be afraid to try a few styles out of the box… she just may be pleasantly surprised. That said, I do believe a bride must be true to her personality when selecting a style and to ultimately choose what feels most like her, not what she 'thinks she is supposed to wear,'" Hall said.