February 5, 2019
'The Young And The Restless' Actress Praises Strength Of Cast And Crew In Wake Of Kristoff St. John's Death

The sudden death of The Young and the Restless star Kristoff St. John left the cast and crew as well as the fans of the number one CBS Daytime show devastated.

Many of the Neil Winters actor's current and former co-stars on the show took to social media to express not only their grief but also share some of their favorite memories about St. John, Inquisitr reported. Today, unfortunately, the people who work on Y&R returned to work to figure out how to move forward in the new reality they face without a person who'd meant so much to so many. Not only will they mourn his death and the hole he left in their lives, but also they must figure out how to bring Neil's storyline to a fitting end after the 27 years St. John spent bringing the character to life. The long road they have ahead of them is daunting, and yet life and the show must go on.

Newcomer Alice Hunter, who portrays Kerry in Genoa City, expressed her honor at working with a cast and crew of such incredible strength in a heartfelt tweet earlier today.

"Awed by the incredible strength of @YandR_CBS crew, producers and cast today. They showed up to work with a hole in their hearts, but are still focused enough to continue creating the show you all love so much. Honored to work with these people."
Yesterday, preeminent star of the show, Eric Braeden (Victor Newman), shared an interview with the Daily Beast. In speaking of how the loss affects the entire cast of the popular soap opera, Braeden said, "they are devastated, really devastated.
"Kristoff was more than a nice guy. People loved him. He was a fundamentally nice man, and always there for people. He was just a man with soul. This will have a deep effect on all of us. The more you think about it, the sadder you become, the more you realize the effect he had on other people."
On Sunday, a friend found St. John's body in his San Fernando Valley home, and authorities declared him dead upon their arrival. Now, family, loved ones, friends, and fans must learn how to live in a world without the man who most agree had a heart of gold and a smile to brighten any day.
St. John joins his son Julian in death and leaves behind daughters Paris and Lola St. John as well as his fiance, model Kseniya Mikhaleva, whom he'd planned to wed later this year.