Taylor Swift’s Alleged Stalker, Roger Alvarado, Sentenced To Jail

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Taylor Swift’s accused stalker, Roger Alvarado, 22, has been sentenced to six months in jail.

According to Page Six, Alvarado will serve six months behind bars for breaking into Swift’s New York home. The sentence was handed down in a Manhattan Criminal Court on Tuesday.

Following his jail stint, Alvarado will return to Florida, where he will begin his five-year probation and be forced to complete a mental health program.

As many fans will remember, Alvarado broke into Swift’s place back in April after he used a ladder to climb through a window of her home, which she had yet to move in to. When a neighbor reported a burglary, police arrived on the scene to find the man asleep in Taylor’s bed. Cops confirmed that he had also used her shower.

This isn’t the first time that Taylor has had to deal with an unstable fan. In fact, during her recent “Reputation” tour, the singer used facial recognition software in hopes of alerting police if any of her stalkers were to show up at any of the concerts along her tour.

Perhaps the most terrifying of Swift’s stalkers is a 26-year-old man named Eric Swarbrick, who has written the singer very disturbing letters.

According to a September 2018 report by TMZ, Swarbrick had been sending letters to Swift since 2016. The Tennessee man wrote notes to the singer stating that he wanted to rape and kill her.

“I want to rape Taylor Swift. This is why I hate Taylor herself… This is how I know I am Taylor’s soulmate,” one of the letters read.

“I have learned to absolutely repress the metaphorical monster in me, but, very soon, I will become completely responsible for myself… What logical conclusion is there other than death,” another piece of threatening correspondence stated.

“I will not hesitate to kill her… and there’s nothing you, your lawyers, or the law will be about to do about it. Remember who I am,” Swarbrick also penned.

Taylor’s lawyers filed legal documents revealing that the letters were alarming, causing fear, anxiety, and stress for Swift and those around her. Following the filing of the documents, a judge ordered Swarbrick to stop contacting the singer immediately, and to stay away from her and all of her property.

As of now, it seems that Swift’s stalker situations may be taken care of it, but it seems like the singer should invest in a good security team to help prevent any other issues.