For $1, Trump Will Scroll Your Name During State Of The Union Livestream – Twitter Hilariously Sounds Off

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Donald Trump is looking to earn money for many different things and people know that the border wall is one of them. Now, he’s starting a fundraiser for his re-election campaign, and he’s trying to appeal to the people of the United States and their love of social media. If you’re willing to donate just $1, your name will be scrolled during the livestream of the State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

This is actually a really good deal as the price was originally $35 for your name to be featured during the live-stream. As reported by USA Today, the price has bottomed out and being offered at the bargain cost of just $1.

After the initial price was set at $35, the campaign sent out emails signed by Eric Trump, Donald’s son. In a way, the emails represented a sales pitch much like what one would encounter in a car dealership.

“Even if you choose to only give $1, the proof of your support will send shockwaves around the world as they see every American who proudly stands behind our President.”

In the original advertisement for campaign contributions, suggested amounts began at $35 and ran as high as $2,700. As that fundraising technique didn’t quite catch on right away, the amount was lowered to as little as $1 for supporters to have their name scrolled during the livestream of the State of the Union address.

Donald Trump and others surrounding him in the White House are using this method as a way to raise funds for the re-election campaign and other matters. A lot of people are willing to donate as they not only trust in Trump, but they’re thrilled with the idea of seeing their name during the speech on Tuesday night.

Others have found it to be completely unethical and many are wondering about the legality of the act. Many people on social media, though, are beginning to come up with ways to turn this into something that could be a problem for the Trump campaign.

If anyone in the White House is paying attention to social media, they will make sure to screen the names of those submitted for the livestream. Still, there don’t appear to have been any limitations listed for anyone’s name as long as at least $1 is donated.

On Tuesday night, the State of the Union address will be delivered by President Donald Trump, but more people may tune into the livestream rather than television. For those who make a campaign contribution, their names will scroll by for all of America to see, but chances are that it could bring more controversy than its worth.