Nigerian Gunmen Reportedly Take Seven People Hostage

Nigerian gunmen have reportedly kidnapped seven workers from a construction company located in the Northern part of the country. This act is just the latest in what has been a country that has seen its share of tragedy over the last few months.

Nigeria has also seen more than its fair share of violence recently, with men who were believed to be members of Boko Haram shooting and killing seven over a two day period in December. The latest act of violence included killing a security guard at the construction company and taking the workers who appeared to be from several different countries.

According to the Huffington Post, nationals from Britain, Greece, Italy and Lebanon were taken in the raid that qualifies as the biggest kidnapping ever in the region that is controlled by Muslim extremists. The raid began on Saturday night and was sparked first by an attack on a nearby prison.

The Nigerian gunmen first burned two police vehicles at the prison before continuing to the Setraco construction company’s headquarters. After killing the guard, the gunmen took the workers prisoner. Local authorities say that the group was made up of one citizen of Great Britain, one Italian, one Greek citizen and four Lebanese men.

With details as to why, how and by who this attack was carried out, the Guardian is reporting that Great Britain’s foreign office is still trying to confirm that a British national was indeed taken. It would appear that this attack is yet another by the Boko Haram group.

Nigerian gunmen from this extremist sect have long been taking advantage of a weak central government. In 2012 alone, the Nigerian authorities have credited the group with more than 729 killings. Kidnappings are nothing new to the area, but foreigners have been getting targeted more and more as the violence has increased.