‘General Hospital’ Spoilers & Rumors: Matt Cohen May Be Exiting Show, Dr. Griffin Munro To Leave Port Charles?

Craig SjodinABC

Rumors are swirling that there may be another character exit on the horizon for General Hospital. Spoilers suggest that Matt Cohen, who plays Dr. Griffin Munro, may be leaving the show soon — and viewers are buzzing over this possibility. This news hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but it also probably wouldn’t come as a huge shock to viewers, either.

Some viewers would say that the show has never quite seemed to know what to do with Cohen’s character. Griffin was brought in around the same time that Jason Thompson left General Hospital to move over to The Young and Restless, but Matt never was given quite the right storyline to establish a hunky presence.

People speculated for months over who Griffin would be paired with romantically, and many also expected that he would turn out to be Anna and Duke’s long-lost son. However, the writers never seemed ready to give Cohen as much as he could probably handle.

The character of Griffin was linked to several characters in Port Charles, and eventually he was romantically paired with Ava. That pairing didn’t necessarily win over the bulk of General Hospital viewers, and as fans know, he eventually ended up with Ava’s daughter, Kiki. Now, however, Kiki is gone and Griffin is back to having virtually no storyline.

According to Soap Dirt, a supposed insider has revealed that Cohen may depart General Hospital either during the upcoming May sweeps or shortly after that. Some spoilers have suggested that Griffin may head down a dark road as he mourns the loss of Kiki, and if the actor is leaving the show, that gives the writers a lot of room to go big with something juicy.

Viewers have been hoping that Ryan’s reign of terror would be uncovered and resolved during the current February sweeps period. However, it looks as if that might be a little too optimistic — and it may take longer than anticipated for all of the loose ends to be tied up properly.

Fans will be frustrated if the Ryan storyline continues until the May sweeps, but it seems that it could be a realistic possibility. If indeed Cohen is leaving around that time, it may not be a stretch to think the writers will utilize that exit as part of the storyline — much as they did in knowing that Hayley Erin was leaving as Kiki.

Right now, there’s no official confirmation that Matt is leaving General Hospital. In addition, as Daily Soap Dish details, at this point the rumors don’t pinpoint whether it’s Cohen’s choice to exit the show — or whether he’s being nudged out the door.

Will it turn out to be true that Matt Cohen is leaving General Hospital? What should the writers do with Dr. Griffin Munro if Cohen is exiting? Stay tuned for additional spoilers as more information on these rumors becomes available.