‘RHONJ’ Star Teresa Giudice Consults Divorce Lawyer Ahead Of Joe’s Possible Deportation, Per ‘Radar Online’

Charles SykesNBC Universal

As the Real Housewives of New Jersey house husband Joe Giudice’s deportation crisis seems to be growing dire, it is being reported that his wife, Teresa, is considering her options — consulting with a lawyer for when her husband is released from jail. Joe Giudice is facing deportation back to his native Italy, and his family intends to stay put.

Radar Online is reporting that Teresa Giudice is considering her options — legally and financially — in preparation for Joe’s exit from prison, according to a RHONJ source.

“Teresa visited a divorce lawyer last week when she got back from Los Angeles.”

The star of the Bravo show wants to make sure that she has taken care of everything in advance, so that she and the girls are covered if Joe is sent back to Italy.

“She is serious about divorcing Joe, and she wants to make sure she is taken care of when it happens.”

In the past, Teresa had said that she would go wherever Joe goes, but allegedly that was when she thought deportation proceedings were unlikely — and that the government would not deport someone who had lived nearly all of his life in the United States.

Before the end of the year, Judge John P. Ellington made the decision that Joe Giudice had to go — after serving his sentence for various financial frauds. His lawyer appealed this decision, but experts say that it doesn’t look good as regards Joe’s chances to stay on American soil.

Radar Online has noted that Teresa Giudice has taken off her wedding ring — even when she is with the girls — but only time will tell if she will actually end her marriage to Joe.

Giudice family lawyer James J. Leonard is continuing to help Joe Giudice fight his deportation, an order which seems to have arisen based on the fact that the current inmate never applied to be a citizen before coming to this country as a toddler, per the Inquisitr. The rest of the Giudice family went through the process of gaining citizenship, but for Joe, it may be too late.

As a result of Joe’s felony conviction, he can never apply for citizenship — or even get a green card — which would allow him to stay and work in the U.S.

Anyone who is not a citizen should worry about being deported if they are convicted of a crime which meets the standard for deportation, but Teresa and Joe thought that their high profile — and her friendship with President Donald Trump — would protect her from deportation becoming a reality.