Colton Underwood Torn Between Heather & Cassie After Sharing ‘Magical’ Dates

Craig SjodinABC

There seem to be two forerunners in the race for The Bachelor star Colton Underwood’s heart as Cassie and Heather moved forward in the competition with ultra-romantic dates that were called “magical” and “amazing.”

Heather received not only a one-on-one in Thailand with Underwood but something even more romantic. The two spent the day exploring the city hand-in-hand, finding out more and more about one another and becoming closer than they expected. It was a perfect date, ending in an even more perfect way.

It seemed that Heather wanted to move their relationship forward from just holding hands, and surprisingly, Colton was nervous about taking the next intimate step – their first kiss and the first real kiss for 23-year-old Heather, who was in a long-term relationship once, but said she was never really “kissed.”

“I never thought I would be 23-years-old and have never kissed anyone. It’s not something I planned in my life,” Heather told Underwood, per People Magazine. “But it happened.”

“I don’t want you to think that because I’ve waited this long I’m waiting for some magical moment and I’m only going to kiss my husband. That’s not the case at all. I want to move forward with you and that’s something I want as well,” she continued.

The two then shared their first kiss in a moment that was straight out of a Disney movie. Underwood seemed pleased with the outcome of the date, calling his kiss with Heather “magical.”

Meanwhile, Cassie also seemed to grab a piece of Underwood’s heart, despite his growing feelings for Heather.

They also shared a one-on-one date where the couple traveled to a private island and spent what seemed to be the entire day kissing. They kissed everywhere; on a boat, on the beach, in the ocean and their chemistry was off the charts. Underwood said that being with Cassie was “easy.”

But it was during their date where Cassie opened up to her love and told him she wasn’t a virgin, which seemed to seal the deal for the couple when he realized that she was revealing her secrets to him. With that, she received a rose.

So what does that mean for the other women who believe they too have stolen a piece of Underwood’s heart?

After an explosive confrontation between Nicole and Oneyka, it seems that the easygoing Underwood might have some thinking to do about how to handle the escalating heated conflicts between the women in the house. Nicole revealed to Underwood that she felt she was being bullied by Onyeka since the start of the competition. Onyeka denied her accusations. When the two women talked, their conversation became so heated that Underwood intervened, but unable to break through the women’s argument, he stormed off.

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