‘RHOBH’ Star Kyle Richards Addresses Rumors Of Breast Augmentation After Photo Is Shared On Twitter

Charles SykesBravo

Kyle Richards is facing new rumors of plastic surgery.

After denying having plastic surgery on her face on numerous occasions over the past several months, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member faced new reports on Twitter, which claimed the mother of four recently went under the knife for a breast augmentation.

“Congratulations to [Kyle Richards] to her new bouncing baby boobies. I’ll officially name them Dolce and Gabbana,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

A short time later, the reality star offered a response to the person in which she confirmed her breasts were “not new and not implants.” She then thanked her critic for the compliment regarding her physique.

Although Richards told the woman that her breasts were completely real, she wasn’t convinced and told Richards she wished they were natural. The fan then pointed out that Richards has had four children and told her there was no shame in admitting to her alleged boob job.

Still, Richards continued to insist that she has not gotten her breasts done.

“They are [100 percent] real. Never had a boob job / lift. I won’t put implants. My Mom died of breast cancer. Plus I don’t need a boob job,” she explained.

Below is the photo that sparked rumors of potential plastic surgery.

Because of Kyle Richards’ youthful appearance, she often faces rumors of cosmetic surgery. However, as fans now know, she hasn’t gotten a breast augmentation and won’t do so in the future.

As for her face, Richards recently admitted to getting a nose job in 2006 and said she does her best to take care of her skin as she continues to follow a Botox regimen.

“I have not done plastic surgery. I did my nose in 2006 and I get Botox. That is it. There are things you can do to look younger that require surgery. Lasers are key,” she explained to a curious fan weeks ago, according to a report shared by Us Weekly magazine.

Regarding what exactly she’s done, Richards said that her ageless face is the result of “lasers and PRP,” which stands for platelet-rich plasma. As explained by the magazine, a PRP treatment is when blood is injected into a patient’s face to promote healing.

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