Elyse Stuns Colton And The Ladies With A Bold Move Per ‘Bachelor’ Spoilers For Episode 5

Rick RowellABC

The Bachelor spoilers have teased that something monumental happens between Colton Underwood and contestant Elyse Dehlbom during Episode 5. Now, a new sneak peek adds a few additional teasers to the mix of things.

Viewers watched earlier this season as Colton and Elyse had a very sweet one-on-one date. They got to spend much of their day together with children from local charities and Dehlbom seemed to be falling hard for Underwood. Unfortunately, as long-time fans know, sometimes it’s the contestants from those early dates who come to struggle with the filming process the most.

As the Inquisitr has previously detailed, Elyse will make the decision to go see Colton at some point of Monday’s show. Sadly, it sounds as if things do not go well.

ET Online shares a sneak peek that provides some additional context to what happens with Elyse during Episode 5. Dehlbom can be seen dressing up and getting herself put together, but she’s emotional as she talks about how lousy and gutted she feels about how long it’s been since her date with Underwood.

Elyse then walks out of the house where the rest of the ladies are, seemingly without telling them what’s going on or where she’s headed. The Bachelor spoilers reveal that the ladies will talk about being weirded out by the situation, worrying about whether she’s okay.

One lady mentions that Elyse looked good and was wearing her “statement dress” while Demi Burnett mentions that what just happened seemed very unlike Elyse. None of them know what’s going on, and Bachelor spoilers hint that they’ll be left stunned when they catch up to all of the details.

As she’s preparing to walk out the door, Elyse talks about how she didn’t expect it to be this hard. The sneak peek ends with Dehlbom knocking on a door and Bachelor spoilers have shared that it’s Colton she’s off to visit. It seems she’s going to confront him about how she’s started to doubt everything since she hasn’t spent much time with him since their date, and unfortunately, this approach may backfire on her.

Gossip king Reality Steve has shared that Elyse ends up eliminating herself at some point of Episode 5 and it would appear that it happens during this visit to Colton. While it’s not entirely clear when this takes place during the episode, it doesn’t appear that she ends up going on the group date, so she may visit Colton after his one-on-one with Cassie Randolph and before the group date.

The main preview for Episode 5 shows Elyse crying and saying that she had just made a really stupid mistake. In addition, Colton is seen sitting on a couch, a glass of wine in front of him, holding his head in his hands. While it’s not known for certain that the Colton shot is connected to seeing Elyse, it does look like Dehlbom’s plan backfires on her.

The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve share that Elyse eliminates herself, but it may play out a little differently on-screen Monday night. It certainly doesn’t appear that she intended on leaving, so it may be that she decides to leave after not hearing what she expected from Colton or that he eliminates her after seeing how emotional she got.

In any case, Bachelor spoilers detail that Elyse Dehlbom will go from early frontrunner to non-contestant by the time Episode 5 is over, and fans will surely be buzzing about this exit. Colton Underwood is facing a lot of drama in this next episode, but he’s said to have some sweet, romantic moments during the February 4 show too.