‘The Bachelor’ 2019: Contestants Cassie & Heather Were Friends In College, Per ‘Life & Style’

Craig SjodinABC

Bachelor star Colton Underwood is currently dealing with some drama between former friends turned enemies, Caelynn and Hannah B., but will he have another similar situation on his hands with Cassie and Heather?

According to a report by Life & Style Magazine, Bachelor constants Caelynn and Hannah aren’t the only ones who know each other outside of the mansion. Cassie Randolph and Heather Martin actually went to college together and often crossed paths with one another.

Sources tell the outlet that while they have never been close gal pals, the two women were friends in college but don’t harbor any ill feelings toward one another whatsoever.

“We were friends with Cassie. I know when Heather and Cassie saw each other for the first time [in the mansion] … I know Heather was very relieved to see her because it’s an overwhelming experience to go on that and they were friends,” an insider confirmed.

The source goes on to say that while Cassie and Heather never really ran in the same circles, they were friendly with one another to the point that they considered each other friends.

“They were never in the same circle of friends … I don’t think that they overlapped too much. But I would consider them friends. Heather just speaks so highly of all the contestants on The Bachelor,” the source added.

As many fans will remember, Heather Martin is the contestant that surprisingly told Colton Underwood that not only did they have something in common due to both being virgins, but that she has actually never even been kissed.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it will be Heather who gets the coveted one-on-one date with Colton during this week’s episode of the ABC reality dating show.

The network reveals that Colton and Heather’s date will kick off the episode and that the pair will take a romantic boat ride on the coast of Thailand, where Underwood and his contestants will be during the two-hour show. During the couple’s date, they’ll make a pit stop at Ko Panyi, which has been nicknamed the “floating city.”

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen whether or not Martin will get her first kiss, and if she’ll let Underwood be the lucky man to plant a smooch on her lips for the very first time.

Fans can see all of the dating and drama go down when The Bachelor airs Monday night at 8 p.m. on ABC.