Cardi B Fires Back At Fans To Defend Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial & Dancing With Patriots Owner Amid Boycott

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For Super Bowl weekend, tons of Rams and Patriots fans flocked to Atlanta, Georgia to enjoy the festivities. However, a viral video confirmed fans weren’t the only people who enjoyed the big weekend. New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft also had a great time and his onstage dance to Cardi B’s performance was definitely proof of his enjoyment. It didn’t take long for Kraft’s dance moves to go viral on social media, but apparently, some people didn’t find the humor in it.

Multiple reports have detailed how Cardi B was criticized for performing amid the ongoing boycott as a result Colin Kaepernick being blackballed in the NFL. In addition to the performance, Cardi B was also featured in a Pepsi commercial that aired during the Super Bowl and fans weren’t pleased. However, she’s making it clear she could care less what people have to say.

According to the Jasmine Brand, Cardi B fired back with a colorful response to the criticism she’s faced over the Super Bowl. Cardi offered details about the performance, which took place on Tuesday, February 2, and what actually occurred prior to Kraft jumping onstage. She revealed she didn’t know who he was prior to the performance and noted that Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill was the person who actually encouraged Kraft to join in. As expected, the “Money” rapper didn’t mince words.

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“First of all I don’t know him cause I really don’t watch football period! Second, that was a prison fourm party and if you look meek page he told him to get on stage so stfu. You b*****s will sell your moms for the bread I denied so eat a d**k.” The men got on stage while I was performing that’s one you and you can even Google the information what was the party for.”

When Cardi B was asked about the Pepsi commercial, she defended her decision to do that as well. She confirmed that the Super Bowl commercial won’t be her only venture with the company. In fact, Cardi revealed she actually inked a deal to do a total of four commercials throughout the year.

“I actually got paid to do commercials for the whole year I got like 4 to go soooo f**k is you saying talking real loud without knowing wtf you talking about.”

Despite the criticism, Cardi B is not stressing over the comments. She’s made it clear her decision was based solely on business.