Spoilers For ‘The Bachelor,’ Episode 6: Colton Underwood, Ladies Hit Vietnam As Drama Sends Three More Packing

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Colton Underwood faced some fierce drama among his bachelorettes during Monday night’s episode, and Bachelor spoilers tease that there’s plenty of additional chaos on the way during Episode 6. This episode is set to air on Monday, February 11. Colton and his remaining ladies will leave Thailand and head to Vietnam — and another three ladies will reportedly be headed back home by the end of the show.

Gossip guru Reality Steve has shared a handful of Bachelor spoilers about this February 11 show. He details that Underwood and his bachelorettes will spend time in Nha Trang, Vietnam, for the next round of dates — even though Reality Steve had originally heard that Episode 6 would take place in Macau, China.

Early fan-favorite contestant Hannah Godwin will get a one-on-one date, but Reality Steve’s spoilers didn’t have details regarding what Hannah and Colton would do. Whatever it is that the couple does, it seems that things go well — and that she gets a rose.

Eight bachelorettes will head out on the group date with Colton during Episode 6. The Bachelor spoilers haven’t revealed much of anything about what the ladies do on this date, or about who gets the group date rose. However, specific teasers will emerge in the days ahead.

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The other one-on-one is said to go to Kirpa Sudick, and she also gets a rose on her date. While the dates themselves may not have all that much drama during them, Bachelor spoilers hint that Colton does still face plenty of chaos while he’s with the women in Vietnam.

At some point — as Reality Steve’s spoilers detail — Demi Burnett will head to Underwood’s room to talk with him. Knowing Demi’s aggressive tactics so far, she may well have thought she could score some frisky moments with him by sneaking away to his room.

However, Bachelor spoilers share that Colton will end up eliminating Demi during this conversation. Apparently, he’ll feel that her feelings for him are stronger than what he feels for her.

While Demi is visiting Colton’s room, he’ll explain that he thinks it’s best send her home at that point, rather than put her through a rose ceremony. This elimination will likely get the ladies and the viewers buzzing, but many would guess that Burnett is essentially a lock to pop up this summer on Bachelor in Paradise.

In addition to Demi’s early exit, Reality Steve says that Sydney Lotuaco will decide to leave at some point while in Vietnam. The Bachelor spoilers indicate that Sydney will depart because she felt that Underwood wasn’t really opening up to her, and that they ultimately weren’t a match.

Not only do Demi and Sydney seemingly leave early on in Episode 6, but Bachelor spoilers detail that Katie Morton will approach Colton about a conversation she heard between two of the other ladies. It seems that Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Cassie Randolph will have been talking about the possibility of being the next Bachelorette lead — and Katie makes sure to tell Colton all about it.

Reality Steve noted that he wasn’t sure exactly when Katie told Colton this, but Underwood is said to eliminate Morton during Episode 6. Whether she told him before the rose ceremony or after, he apparently wasn’t very happy about what he heard.

It’s not known yet how much of this will be shown, but spoilers suggest that the conversation between Cassie and Caelynn may have rubbed some of the other ladies the wrong way as well. If Colton was frustrated by Onyeka and Nicole during Episode 5, it seems likely that he’ll be quite bothered by all of this chaos that reportedly plays out while in Vietnam.

The hometown dates are right around the corner, and Colton Underwood’s finale is just a few episodes down the road. The Bachelor spoilers hint that it’s going to be a wild ride to get to that “After the Final Rose” special, and fans are anxious to see what comes next.