Tom Brady's Daughter Vivian Steals The Spotlight During Super Bowl Post-Game

Quarterback Tom Brady nabbed his sixth Super Bowl title in the New England Patriots' win over the Los Angeles Rams Sunday. The low-scoring football game in Atlanta, Georgia, highlighted Brady's impressive career, but it was his 6-year-old daughter, Vivian Lake, who caught everyone's attention.

Decked out in Patriots gear, Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen, and their children, which includes Benjamin Rein, 9, and John "Jack" Edward Thomas, his 11-year-old son with ex Bridget Moynahan, rallied behind Brady to celebrate his big win.

It was a pretty boring Super Bowl, even for Patriots fans. With a score of 13-3, it definitely wasn't a blowout. So fans couldn't contain themselves when Vivian gave them some excitement on TV. She tried catching streamers as they floated down from the sky and could not contain her enthusiasm for her dad's big victory.

The red, white, and blue confetti that rained down from the rafters at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta captured her attention first.

She emphatically punched the air, celebrating the victory. She screamed and threw her head back, then threw her arms up into the air grasping ahold of the falling confetti.

Sitting on her dad's hip, Vivian latched on to the Vince Lombardi Trophy and excitedly held it up high with a bit of help from dad.

At one point, Vivian even attempted to snatch the microphone from her dad during the post-game interview with CBS broadcaster Jim Nantz. Previously, Brady said now that his children are older, they better understand how important this last Super Bowl win was.

"My daughter is 6. She's a great cheerleader for us. My oldest son is into every play. My middle son is not into any play," Brady told the New England Sports Network. "It's perfect. We get to talk about it on the way home. They're understanding more and more."

Brady eventually departed the stage to give up the mic to Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman, whose 10-catch, 141-yard performance helped rally the Patriots. But even as Brady carried Vivian away on his hip, she couldn't stop catching everyone's attention.

She waved wildly at everyone as they cut a path through the crowd.

"Tom Brady holding his daughter while she plays with confetti has been by far the best part of the #SuperBowl," a Twitter user tweeted.

Other fans loved watching Vivian, too.

"Tom Brady's daughter is absolutely losing her mind about the falling confetti and it's awesome," another fan tweeted.