Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle Reportedly Giving Husband T.I. ‘His Space’ For Interesting Reason, According To ‘HL’

Paras GriffinGetty Images

T.I. and Tameka “Tiny” Cottle have had their share of ups and downs, but now they are reportedly moving in a positive direction. Insiders close to the famed couple have even shared how Tiny has been working to trust her husband despite his past indiscretions. According to Hollywood Life, Tiny’s efforts were no different for Super Bowl weekend.

It’s no secret that this weekend has been quite festive for residents and NFL fans who traveled to Atlanta for the Super Bowl. Tons of parties have also been hosted by celebrities at some of Atlanta’s most upscale venues. So, it comes as no surprise that T.I. and Tiny both attended a few parties. For them, the eventful weekend was also a money-making opportunity. T.I. was well aware of what the weekend had to offer, so she wasn’t worried about the possibilities of what her husband might do.

According to an insider close to the Xscape singer, she had no problem giving T.I. his space this weekend.

“Tiny is playing it very cool this weekend and letting Tip have his space,” an insider said. “They will be sleeping in the same bed every night, but she won’t be glued to his side. She doesn’t feel like she has to do that, which is such a relief.”

The insider went on to reveal that Tiny was focused on her own ventures and money-making opportunities.

“She’s so busy with all her business ventures over this weekend. It’s a big weekend for making money in Atlanta and Tiny’s laser-focused on securing the bag.”

The latest news follows a string of details about T.I.’s rumored ex-lover, Bernice Burgos. The famed Instagram model was reportedly among the many fans and celebrities who traveled to Atlanta for the big sports weekend. Like many celebrities, Bernice made an appearance to host a party at a local venue.

As a result of Bernice’s trip, there were rumors that Tiny might be worried about the strikingly beautiful model being in such close proximity to her husband. Some fans even noted the possibility of Tiny and Bernice crossing paths at one of the clubs over the weekend. However, an insider close to Tiny revealed she wasn’t, at all, worried about Bernice coming to town.

“Tiny is well aware that Bernice is in Atlanta and she damn sure does not want to see her. But she isn’t freaking out or worrying,” the insider said.

Despite T.I.’s rumored past romance with Bernice, he and Tiny have managed to reconcile their marriage.