‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Obrecht Notices Attraction Between Peter And Maxie

Craig SjodinABC Press

Maxie and Peter have been getting closer than ever on General Hospital recently. Maxie may not be totally ready to move on just yet, but she is getting there with Peter’s help. Last week was the one year anniversary of Nathan’s death. The women in his life, Maxie, Nina, and Liesl, got together to remember him and to celebrate his life.

That was when Obrecht noticed that her daughter-in-law was not wearing her wedding ring. She thought Maxie had lost it, but then she told Liesl that she decided to take it off. When Obrecht asked her if there was someone else, Maxie quickly said no and she changed the subject. General Hospital spoilers for this week reveal that Liesl will notice something that will pique her interest. According to Soap Central, she will notice that Maxie has Peter wrapped around her finger.

Dr. O has not been around these last few months as Peter has been hanging around helping Maxie with whatever she needs. He has been a friend, but now there is something more blooming. They have both been holding back for their own personal reasons, but that may change soon enough.

What will Liesl do when she discovers that there may be a romance blooming between her son’s widow and his brother? Remember that she spent weeks torturing Peter after kidnapping him. Maxie is afraid of how she will react if she finds out their feelings toward each other. That’s why she is not willing to let Liesl know what’s going on just yet.

Also on General Hospital last week, Valentin asked Peter if he could possibly give Obrecht a job at the Invader. It will be an interesting turn of events if she should start working for the man she held prisoner and feels that he is responsible for her son’s death. She may just eventually warm up to him, but it may take a while.

Maxie has been patiently waiting for a sign from Nathan that she should move on and find happiness. Maybe he will use his mother to give her the push she needs to let go and move on with Peter, or someone else.

Many viewers are not big fans of the pairing of Peter and Maxie, but it looks like the writers are putting those two together despite the objections. However, there are some who are happy that Maxie is looking toward her future to find love with Peter August.

Keep watching General Hospital this week to see how Liesl Obrecht reacts to Peter’s affections for Maxie.