Aubrey O’Day Rocks A Red Latex Bikini On Instagram

Lily LawrenceGetty Images

Aubrey O’Day is already looking like she’s ready for Valentine’s Day in her newest Instagram post. She sported a red, latex bikini and posed with her legs apart. O’Day accessorized with thigh-high red boots and sat against a pink wall next to a giant red bear plush. Her hair was put up in a super high ponytail, as she sported bright red lipstick and very dark eye makeup including purple eyeshadow. This isn’t the first V-Day themed post either, as she shared a photo yesterday sitting in the middle of a giant wall of red flowers that cascaded from the wall down to the floor. Aubrey wore a dress with a tight-fitting top, with a voluminous skirt.

And while it might seem that she’s excited for Valentine’s Day, Aubrey started the month off with a photo of herself submerged in a bubble bath. She flipped off the camera while wearing red, heart-shaped sunglasses and captioned it, “it’s february, single people unite.” So while she might have some thought about the holiday that isn’t totally fuzzy, it appears that she’s embracing the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

With that being said, O’Day has a series of Stories right now that aren’t necessarily related to one another. The first one was a captioned still of Roger Stone, a second one is a repost of a fan who took a video of Aubrey on TV, while a third Story was a dark video that was of the incessant rain.

Aubrey was recently on a second run of Marriage Bootcamp: Celebrity Edition with Pauly D. Their relationship ended up not working. She also opened up with TooFab about her perspective on the new generation of reality TV, noting that “I find out these shows it’s rare that you meet people that are not aware of their characters and what they want to achieve with the opportunity.”

“I’ve been doing reality TV shows since I was 17 and nowadays it’s rare you find a completely sincere cast that genuinely is open to the process and open to discover how special an opportunity like this can be. Now you have like these little spoiled kids that are like selling 800 lines of a hair product, perfume and a body wash. It’s nonsense to me.”

Prior to her run on Bootcamp with Pauly D, she appeared on the show with Travis Garland. Their relationship ended with O’Day announcing it on Instagram, according to Heavy.