Fae Shares Photo Of 11 Nude Ladies Laying On Their Stomachs On Instagram

Fae, the swimsuit company that most recently partnered up with Sports Illustrated for their Sweet 16 Swim Search photoshoot, shared an Instagram photo featuring 11 nude ladies laying on their stomachs. They all faced away from each other in alternating sides, as a photographer can be seen gearing up for the perfect shot.

They were at the beach with the ocean waters visible behind them, as it appeared to be sunrise or sunset with tons of light in the sky. Mavrin, founder of Mavrin Studios, was credited with the image. Fans raved about the photo, saying things like “GOALS,” “So so much yes,” and “How you get this job?”

The swimwear brand isn’t shy about showing off the female figure, with many of their models sporting revealing ensembles ranging from bikinis to one-piece swimsuits. Fae’s suits range in price around a little under $30 for separate bikini pieces, while their most expensive swimsuit in stock is a one-piece that costs around $135. Meanwhile, their best sellers appear to be a black, high-cut bikini bottom called the Vada Bottoms Onyx, which cost $64, along with the Vada Bottoms Ivory.

On the other hand, the SI swimsuit shoot appeared to have gone well, with some of the models receiving a deep tan. They all modeled black bikinis in different cuts.

The SI models that were a part of the Fae shoot included Manuela Hernandez from Colombia.

“I am most passionate about spreading positivity and making a change by being a part of the amazing self-acceptance movement,” Hernandez said. Another model, Raine Michaels, is from West Lake Village, California.

“I want to use the SI Swimsuit platform to break beauty standards, advocate for things I’m passionate about, and make other young girls feel beautiful,” she said.

Throughout the years, SI has established themselves as a publication that embraces many types of models. That includes featuring non-traditional models like Alexis Ren, who was their first social media star to grace their pages. In addition, they choose girls of all shapes, including curvier women like Ashley Graham. And it’s hard to know whether Raine is considered a “plus size” model, but she’s one of the curvier women in the search.

With that being said, Fae is keeping things rolling, even after the successful SI shoot with stories featuring many Instagram stars like @yurealvarez and @nikki_murciano. Yurena, for example, has about 40,000 followers on her Instagram page, with most of her posts showing her rocking various swimwear.