Conor McGregor And 18-Month-Old Son Conor Jr. Look Adorable In Matching Purple Suits At The Super Bowl

Al BelloGetty Images

Conor McGregor certainly knows how to dress for the occasion, and so does his young son.

The UFC star was on the field before the kickoff of the Super Bowl wearing a dapper purple suit, and 18-month-old Conor Jr. had a suit to match. The pictures drew some viral interest, with the adorable images spreading across the internet.

“McGregor hugged and kissed his child and the father and son passed a football around as photographers snapped away,” the Daily Mail noted.

“The dapper duo wore purple jackets with black trousers and matching patterned purple silk ties. They had kerchiefs in the breast pocket and while his famous dad stepped out in shiny black shoes, Conor Jr. had on a pair of cute designer Velcro trainers.”

This isn’t the first time that Conor McGregor Jr. has stolen some of the spotlight from his dad. The adorable toddler is a fixture in public appearances for his dad, with the two often dressing in matching outfits for their public appearances.

When he’s not looking exactly like his dad, Conor McGregor Jr. is still used to looking sharp. Back in October, Conor Jr. joined his dad on stage during an open workout with Khabib Nurmagomedov, and the Sun reported that the little Conor was decked out in about $600 worth of Dolce & Gabanna gear. It’s likely not much of a sacrifice for dad, who has career earnings just short of $40 million.

Conor McGregor has been open about the impact having a child has had on his life, saying in a 2017 interview that the little one was a “great motivator” as he prepared for the historic bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr. As MMA Junkie reported, McGregor said he was excited for Conor Jr. to get to see dad’s career play out.

“That’s one of the things I look forward to the most,” McGregor said.

“To show him back my whole career, this crazy journey I’ve been on. And to show him all the hard work and sacrifice that I’ve put into this. He will come up surrounded by many luxuries, but he will always know that it’s hard work that achieves this. In order to achieve great things in this life you must work hard, and that’s the message I will give my son.”

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