‘General Hospital’ Teaser: Jason Leaves Carly Speechless, But Not For Long

Craig SjodinABC Press

Carly Corinthos is not going to be a happy camper coming up this week on General Hospital. There are a few “JaSam” spoilers as well that all connect to the news that leaves Carly stunned and upset. She is most known for meddling in Jason’s personal life. She thinks that she knows what’s best for him and does not hesitate to say so.

Soap Central indicates that Jason will be sharing his news with his BFF, but she won’t be taking it very well. While there are only some strong hints so far on what the news may be, it sounds like Jason will tell Carly that he and Sam have already called it quits. Those two just officially got back together and that made Carly very giddy just talking about it. She has sort of an obsession about trying to control what happens with his personal life, which makes Jason a little annoyed at times.

Of course, General Hospital viewers know that Jason and Sam’s break up is fake. Sam is doing her best to get close to Shiloh in order to find out what his game really is. She suggested to Jason last week that they stage a split. That means they need to make it look real.

When Carly hears the news, she will be highly upset. She was extremely happy that they finally got back together. More spoilers from SheKnows Soaps reveals that the following week, Carly will be laying into Sam about the split with Jason. It appears that she will be madder than a hornet over this whole thing. Sam is about to get an earful and it won’t be pretty.

Jason reluctantly agreed to play along, but he and Sam will do their best to sneak in a little alone time somewhere private so they won’t be found out. She wants the Dawn of Day leader to think that she is available. This may just be a dangerous game she is playing, but Jason is close at hand. He and Spinelli will continue to get more information on Shiloh and his past in order to figure out if he is really after Sam, or if there is something else to worry about.

Another person who won’t be happy is Kristina when she hears that her sister is not back with Jason. She will even start to feel a little jealous when Sam inches closer to Shiloh. Kristina just moved up in the cult, taking Daisy’s place as an ambassador, and has his affections at the moment. Her jealousy may affect her work with Dawn of Day and her relationship with her sister.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Don’t miss what happens next with Jason and Sam.