Serial Killer Ted Bundy’s Glasses Sell For $50,000

Daniel Zuchnik Getty Images

January 24 was the 30th anniversary of serial killer Ted Bundy’s execution by the electric chair at the Florida State Prison. The day was commemorated by the release of new films and documentaries detailing the life of the famous killer. He is known as one of the most notorious criminals of all time, callously raping and murdering over 30 women during his lifetime. Actor Zak Bagans recently purchased a pair of eyeglasses once belonging to the killer for a whopping $50,000, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Many wondered why anyone would want anything touched by such a horrific person, not to mention why anyone would spend such a large sum of money to obtain it. However, Bagans didn’t actually purchase the eyeglasses to keep as his own possession. Instead, he donated them to Zak’s Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. The creepy museum was constructed from a 1938 mansion that is reportedly haunted. It is known to be the location where many dark rituals have occurred years ago, in addition to several deaths. The building features 30 frightening rooms along with many historical artifacts.

Bundy’s eyeglasses will be locked in a glass case for museum visitors to view. Of all the frightening objects in the museum, this item might take the cake. After all, these glasses were likely worn by Bundy as he committed dozens of his famous crimes, according to TMZ.

The glasses will be displayed in a room with a jail theme, constructed using real prison bars.

“It’s incredible to know that the eyes of pure evil looked out of these glasses at his victims and the pure hell of what these glasses saw,” says Bagans. “I shall forever keep them locked up inside my Haunted Museum’s real jail exhibit where they belong!”

With his purchase of the glasses, Bagans also received an assortment of other items of evidence from Bundy’s crime spree. Among the artifacts is a photograph of the infamous Volkswagen Beetle Bundy stole prior to him being pulled over and arrested. Upon a closer look at the photograph, the very same pair of glasses are seen sitting inside the vehicle.

Bagans has had a fascination with the creepy and paranormal since he was a young boy and would collect supposedly haunted items from local garage sales. He went on to become the primary host of the series Ghost Adventures, which is shown on the Travel Channel. In the series, Bagans and his co-stars investigate haunted locations around the nation.