Why Didn't 'All American' Get Renewed By The CW?

Trisha Faulkner

As die-hard fans of The CW series know too well, the network recently released a list of all the shows they would be renewing and ordering new seasons for this year. Unfortunately for fans of the high school football drama, All American, it wasn't on that list.

Naturally, this caused lots of questions to appear from fans of the series including what happened to the show and has The CW decided to cancel it?

The much beloved All American was only one of two shows not picked up by The CW for renewal this year. The other being Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which was already scheduled to conclude at the end of this past season. So, this has left fans of the series a little dazed and confused as there has been no official confirmation that All American is being canceled by the network just yet.

Fortunately, the network did give fans of the series a little peace of mind when they confirmed the series has not yet been canceled. The network, however, revealed there are no current arrangements for the series, as they still have a lot to think about to decide what to do with it.

Like most The CW original programs, All American will be making the move to Netflix once the current season concludes on network television.

The move to streaming has shown to really benefit certain The CW shows in the past.

According to Dateline, The CW entertainment executive Mark Pedowitz is hopeful that the move to streaming will foster a similar result.

Even shows on other networks, such as Shameless on Showtime, have credited streaming on Netflix as a reason for the growth in the fan base.

Pedowitz also revealed that a lot of success for streamed shows is driven by the 12 to 17 age demographic, who tend to avoid network airings of popular shows in trade for being able to "binge watch" shows when they hit streaming services. This predictable increase in views could mean the difference between life or death for All American.

Unfortunately, of all the new The CW shows, All American was one of the lowest performing shows in last season's lineup. However, jumps in ratings from episode to episode give creators hope that the streaming setup just might save the show.