‘The World’s Best’: Drew Barrymore Talks About New Series Premiering After Super Bowl

Monty BrintonCBS

Once Super Bowl LIII ends, the real talent comes out in the premiere episode of the new CBS competition series The World’s Best.

Hosted by the Late Late Show’s James Corden, the program features variety acts from all across the globe trying to impress not only the three celebrity judges — Drew Barrymore, Faith Hill, and RuPaul Charles — but also more than 50 international experts from various fields of entertainment that make up the “Wall of the World.”

“From Nigeria to Japan, from Switzerland to Samoa, our 50 world experts bring a true global presence to our stage. Among them are champions, award winners, international TV judges, and even superstars in their native lands. They are knowledgeable, honest, and, at times, outrageous. They bring an entirely fresh perspective to the talent show landscape,” explained Alison Holloway, the executive producer and showrunner of The World’s Best, according to a CBS press release published on the Futon Critic website.

At the end of the 10-episode first season, the most talented act will win a $1 million prize and be crowned The World’s Best.

For Santa Clarita Diet actress Barrymore, The World’s Best marks her very first time sitting on a judging panel for a television series.

“It’s way harder than I ever thought,” the 43-year-old star told TV Insider about deciding the fate of the skilled contestants.

“People have literally worked a lifetime to be here, and the act ends, and the cameras flip to you, and it’s go time. You need to digest and articulate what you just saw.”

Luckily for Barrymore, she is seated beside two pros who have worked on competition-based shows before.

“I hit the coworker jackpot,” she gushed.

Barrymore said that Hill is “the most down-to-earth person” she has ever met and that they always have plenty to talk about because they are both mothers of daughters — the country singer has three and the actress has two.

As for RuPaul, she revealed that the two pop culture junkies “can have full conversations using movie quotes and commercial jingles from the ’80s.”

She also has nothing but love for The World’s Best host Corden, whose late-night show she has been a guest on previously.

“He’s a comic genius,” Barrymore said about the Brit.

The World’s Best premieres on CBS on Sunday, February 3, immediately following the Super Bowl. The second episode of the series will air on Wednesday, February 6, at 8 p.m.