Abbie Duggar Gets A Lesson In Cutting John David’s Hair From Sister-In-Law Jessa Seewald

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It looks like Abbie Duggar is learning the ropes of officially being a part of the former 19 Kids and Counting family. She and John David have been married for three months now, and they seem very happy together. Now she is getting a lesson in cutting his hair, thanks to her sister-in-law, Jessa Seewald.

In a new Instagram photo that was posted on John David and Abbie’s joint account, you can see that the new Mrs. Duggar is giving her husband a few snips. Jessa seems to be the expert hair cutter in the family, and she is seen in one of the snaps standing right beside Abbie to give her a few pointers. It appears that this is her first time doing this. Abbie called her husband “a brave soul.”

The 26-year-old is standing over John David with a comb and a pair of scissors ready to snip away. All of the boys have their hair done by either Jessa or another member of the family. Abbie looks like she is having fun, while John is looking a bit sheepish sitting there waiting to see how his cut will turn out. Duggar fans were joking about the look on his face while his new wife was attempting to do this for the first time.

Pregnant Jessa Seewald is supervising, while holding her youngest son, Henry. He looks like he is enjoying all the haircut hubbub. Henry has had his blond curly locks snipped by his mom, so he knows all too well how this process works. It seems like all of the Duggar women are taught how to do haircuts at some point in order to save a little money. When you have that many kids in one family, you have to learn to cut corners somewhere.

Duggar fans were highly impressed by Abbie’s newly-learned skill and praised her for doing a great job. However, there wasn’t an after photo posted, so hopefully it all went well for her. Amazingly enough, there didn’t seem to be any comments asking if Abbie was expecting a baby yet. That seems to be the big question that is asked whenever a photo is posted of the Duggar women.

Jessa is the latest pregnant Counting On star, and she is looking quite healthy. She is due in late spring and is excited about having her and Ben Seewald’s third child. Everyone expected Josiah and Lauren to make a baby announcement by now, but they are supposedly taking their time in starting a family. It’s always a waiting game for fans to see which one will be next to have a baby.

The new season of Counting On will begin on February 11 on TLC. John David’s marriage proposal to Abbie and their wedding preparations will be just some of the highlights this season.